Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend: the photos of their romantic meeting

At the beginning of 2021, Juan Soler revealed that he gave love a new chance. The Argentine actor kept for more than a year the anonymity of his new girlfriendbut finally decided to show the woman that makes him so happy.

Two years after his divorce with Maki Moguilevsky, Juan Soler decided to fall in love again. The actor from La Mexicana and El Güero reconnected with his first girlfriend from youth and little by little love was reborn between the two.

At the beginning of their relationship, Soler preferred not to give many details. Her statements were mainly focused on the happiness that she was experiencing in this new love opportunity and some details about how you live your long-distance relationship: The Argentine actor resides in Mexico, while his partner lives in Argentina.

As the months went by, Juan showed more openness about his romantic life and in March 2022 he revealed his girlfriend’s name in an interview with Mara Castañeda: Maria Jose. Two months later, the actor ventured to put a face to this name with the first photos and video of him with his partner.

Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend Maria Jose: his photos in CDMX

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, it was the debut of the love of the Argentine actor and his partner on Instagram.

The protagonist of La Mexicana y El Güero shared a short video and a series of photos with Maria Jose Barbaglia, his girlfriend’s full name, in ‘Monet & Friends’, an immersive digital art exhibition of the works of the French painter who makes a few months it opened its doors in Mexico City.

In this content, astonishment, smiles and hugs were protagonists in the couple’s interaction.

Soler’s publication with Maria Jose quickly received signs of love from the actor’s followers. Many of them celebrated his love, congratulated him and highlighted the beauty of his girlfriend.

“How beautiful is your girl. Be happy Juan, if there is someone who deserves it, it is you”; “I love it. Beautiful couple make. Happy for you”; “How cute John. Congratulations, his girlfriend is very pretty, ”some messages in the comments section read.

In an interview with Mara Castañeda, Soler revealed that one of the things he enjoys doing with his girlfriend is traveling, an action that his partner did to join him in Mexico City (Maria Jose is originally from Tucumán, Argentina, the actor’s hometown as well). ).

During her time in Mexico, Maria Jose also shared another incredible adventure she enjoyed with Soler: traveling in a hot air balloon over the pyramids of Teotihuacán.

In the series of photos posted on his Instagram profile, he also showed that they were accompanied by Borges, Juan Soler’s beloved dog, and Pato Bleckwedel, one of his sons. (Swipe right to see all photos).

A few hours earlier, Barbaglia published the first photo of his recent stay in Mexico City, with a series of shots in Santa Fe and at the Frida Kahlo Museum, which received the actor’s affection.

“Divine” wrote Soler, a comment that Maria Jose responded with hearts and an infinity sign.

Probably, in the following days, the couple will share a little more about their experiences together in Mexico.

Juan Soler’s girlfriend: who is Maria Jose

One of the first details that the actor gave about his current partner is that it was his first girlfriend in life.

With Maria Jose, who is the same age as him, he shared high school classes, the place where his love was born, which lasted during a five-year courtship: from 15 to 20 years old.

Maria Jose is a lawyer, a profession that she holds in a very important position in the Argentine Judiciary. In addition, she is the mother of four children, the result of a past marriage.

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Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend: the photos of their romantic meeting