Juana Viale made a surprising comment about Wanda Nara and pointed out against Mauro Icardi: “Poor little thing”

Juana Viale

A week after the scandal broke out over the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, with Eugenia la China Suárez marked as third in discord, the theme is far from exhausted. The protagonists themselves, each in their own way, move the tiles on the social media board and different personalities from entertainment, politics, sports and any other field is not alien to him and, in general, he usually takes sides with one of the parties involved.

Be Team Wanda or be Team China seems to be the question these days, and the debate moved this Saturday to The Night of Mirtha, with Juana. The issue arose during the presentation of the guests, where the former senator was passing Michelangelo Pichetto and the journalist Diego Cabot, until he received the researcher Adriana Amado. “Let’s talk about everything”, anticipated the driver. “From Wanda Nara too, enough of politics,” the guest replied with a tired gesture and almost as a plea.

“Wanda or China?” The actress then asked. “Wanda,” replied the guest, with a hint of obviousness, as if there was no other possibility. “Ah, are you a fan of Wanda?” The driver insisted and the teacher justified her answer: “I have followed the race before Maxi López”, she pointed out in relation to her first husband, before breaking into a laugh.

Quick on her reflexes, Juana followed suit. “And what was Wanda doing before Maxi López?”, he inquired. “I was trying to be famous,” Amado replied and now the laugh was two. With that last comment, the driver invited her to come to the table and got the last word. “We are going to talk about Wanda, China and Icardi, a great … footballer, that ”He commented wryly, supported by someone’s comment behind the camera.

China Suárez, Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi, protagonists of the soap opera
China Suárez, Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi, protagonists of the soap opera

Now he is not going to train because he has a bad heart, poor man. Poor”He pointed in the same sarcastic tone, until he put on a brake. “I left the axis,” she acknowledged and chose to speak to herself to regain the thread of the program. “Juana I’m back, Juana I’m back”, he repeated like a mantra until silence was called: “Don’t think,” he closed and announced the last guest, the economist Roberto Cachanovsky.

Thus, with a subtle comment, the actress did not want to be left out of a story that seems to have no end. It is that, far from trying to appease the scandal, a week after their supposed separation Mauro Icardi and Wanda nara they do not stop spicing up the soap opera that keeps all of Argentina in suspense. According to what the businesswoman revealed, she had left him for having virtually cheated on her with a woman whom he described as a “bitch” and who was none other than Eugenia The China Suarez. So she left Paris for Milan ready to get away from her husband, but the PSG player left his training sessions to run after her and ask for forgiveness. Whether he succeeded or not is still unknown …

Today, the reality is that it is not clear if the affair between Icardi and Suárez was only virtual or happened to majors. And it is not clear if Wanda is about to ask her husband for a divorce, as her environment suggests, or if on the contrary she has already made peace with him and is only delaying the confirmation of their reconciliation, something that could come to do shortly in an interview. Perhaps, in the hand-to-hand talk with Susana gimenez that Telefe is already managing. But both on one side and the other, they seem to be willing to continue giving material to those who follow this story as if it were a soap opera.


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Juana Viale made a surprising comment about Wanda Nara and pointed out against Mauro Icardi: “Poor little thing”