Judi Dench: the unusual question they asked her at the Oscars about her virginity and her lapidary answer

the so-called “slapgate”, the episode in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Dolby Theater in the middle of the Oscars ceremonybecame the inescapable topic of debate at the last installment of the Academy Awards.

Therefore, many other events, awards, meetings and statements, were left in the background. One of them featured Judi Dench, who was asked an uncomfortable question about his privacy on the red carpet.

The comedian Guillermo Rodriguez, who was working for the program Jimmy Kimmel Liveasked the actress nominated for Belfast: “Would you like to say hello to the person you lost your virginity to?”. Far from being upset, the Oscar winner for shakespeare passionate He reacted unexpectedly, laughing at Rodriguez’s request and launching a lapidary response: “He’s been dead for a while,” Dench said in a moment that went viral on Twitter.

Judi Dench and her grandson Sam Williams on the Oscars red carpet
Judi Dench and her grandson Sam Williams on the Oscars red carpetJeff Kravitz – FilmMagic, Inc.

Dench, who rarely attends award ceremonies, this time was in support of Belfast, the film by her friend Kenneth Branagh for which she received a new nomination. The filmmaker’s autobiographical film won a statuette in the category of best original screenplay.

Ten years ago, the actress She was diagnosed with macular degeneration, an eye disorder that progressively destroys central vision. When she received the news and when she began to notice that loss of vision, the actress was categorical about what she would do with her career: she would not retire, but would look for the method to turn a dramatic situation into an opportunity to develop new skills, without ever giving up.

Judi Dench, very elegant at the Oscars
Judi Dench, very elegant at the OscarsJeff Kravitz – FilmMagic, Inc.

She told it herself at a benefit gala organized by the Vision Foundation. “I had to find another way to learn phrases and lines. Great friends tell me over and over again, so I have to learn by repetition. I just hope people don’t notice.” said Dench, who can no longer read scripts on her own.

Judy Dench in Belfast
Judy Dench in BelfastArchive

“Now I have to trust others, I have to ask for help,” he added. However, At 87 years old, he does not let his vision disorder determine his destiny. Anyway, he did confess that he lived through traumatic moments Consequently.

In 2019, in dialogue with Radio Times InterviewDench referred to the problems in his vision and alluded to a very difficult situation that he had to go through. “In 2017 I stopped driving. That was the most traumatic moment of my life, it was devastating for me, but at the same time I knew that I was going to kill someone if I took the wheel”, he added sincerely, revealing that it was very difficult for him to accept that situation.

“I can’t do a crossword puzzle, I can’t read the newspaper, I can’t read a book,” revealed last year in an interview with TheGuardian. “But I see something,” he added. In the same talk Dench said that one of his favorite activities during the quarantine was making videos for TikTok with his grandson, Sam, who did not leave his side at the Oscars, and confessed that he never turned down a role in his career. “I’m not kidding, I always accepted every character that was offered to me,” she said, though she did make one caveat.

“The only role I will say I am not is an 86-year-old woman with blindness”he said between laughs. “What I enjoy the most are the dark characters and that they don’t pigeonhole me, I don’t like that, the labels bother me,” she declared. “That is why Barbara’s role in Escándalo is my favorite of all the ones I’ve done”.

The actress, who has great energy, awaits the premiere next year of Allelujah, the new feature film by Richard Eyre, precisely the director who directed it in Scandal with Cate Blanchett, film for which both received Academy Award nominations.

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Judi Dench: the unusual question they asked her at the Oscars about her virginity and her lapidary answer