Julián Gil finally reveals the reasons why he left Marjorie de Sousa and her son

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Julian Gilin an interview with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel, spoke of some of the most complicated moments of his life, including the one who lived with the actress Marjorie deSousa, with whom he has had a legal dispute for years over the custody of the son they had.

The actor revealed that he met the beautiful Venezuelan in 2011, when he coincided with her in a soap opera. Years later, they worked together on another project and became very good friends, in fact they both lived in the same building.

“We started doing the project and there we became great friends. We were such good friends that she loved the apartment she lived in, so I helped her get an apartment… we became more friends because we were even neighbors”, he recalled.

Julian Gil in an interview with
Yordi Rosado
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According to the actor’s account, despite the fact that the relationship between them was always one of sincere friendship, one day, after a meeting with alcohol in between, they both had sexual relations and it was then that she became pregnant with her only child, Matthias.

“One Saturday I had a barbecue, I invited her, we started drinking… I got drunk and woke up the next day with her in bed. After that, as if nothing had happened, The days passed and one day he called me to tell me that he was going to enter the last chapters of the telenovela he was doing… she starts writing the soap opera and on one of those days she tells me ‘I’m pregnant‘” he mentioned.

After learning that he would be a father once again, Julián Gil proposed to Marjorie start from scratch, get to know each other better and start a family together.

“I remember that after that what was going to happen and we said, ‘we’re going out, we’re going to start dating and we’re going to see in what way, perhaps, the birth of the child was a sign that we should be together‘ he recounted.

Julian Gil and Marjorie de Souza
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Julián and the reason for his separation from Marjorie de Sousa

Finally before the birth of Matías, Julian and Marjorie They decide to live together and although at first everything was going well, their relationship fractured due to the alcoholism problems of the actress’s mother.and is that the actor refused to go through an episode similar to the one he lived with his parents.

“I sit with her and tell her and I I can’t be living here with your mom, I love Mati, I love you very much, I’m willing to move forward with this relationship, but I don’t have to submit once again… I am going to give you three options: one is that I go home until you solve your problems with your mother; two, if you want, I’ll rent a house two blocks away and I’ll stay here, and three, we’ll send your mom back to your brother’ and ‘no, my mom won’t leave this house, you have two options, Either you stay or you go,” he said.

The resemblance between the son of Julián Gil and him is surprising
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Seeing that Marjorie did not give in to any of the actor’s options, He chose to leave home and since then the actress has started a legal action against him.

I went home, five days passed, and they made an appointment with a lawyer… that’s where the whole media part begins because in that meeting a pension was being demanded of me and countless other things that everyone already knows“, revealed.

The last time Julián Gil saw his son Matías was in 2019. Currently, the boy is 5 years old and does not live with his father for any reason.

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Julián Gil finally reveals the reasons why he left Marjorie de Sousa and her son