Julián Gil: “It was all a lie and it was all for the same purpose: to get away from the child”

The actor Julián Gil has stated on numerous occasions that the facet of dad is one of the most treasured in his life. He continually shares images with his children Nicolle and Julián on social networks. But he regrets that this album of experiences lacks experiences and moments together with Matías, a product of his past relationship with Marjorie de Sousa.

The reality is that the presenter has continuously expressed the frustration he feels at not being able to relate to the little one. But the disappointment and bewilderment surfaced once again, this time as a result of the child’s 5th birthday, who was born on January 27, 2017.

“How do I deal? Well, assuming and assimilating that I had to live that, ”Julián Gil resignedly stated to Primera Hora by video call from Mexico, where he is recording the soap opera The Heritage.

“People are clear that I fought and continue to fight from another place, from another perspective. And humanly I did, not economically, but I did everything I had to do to be close to my son, “he said emphatically.

“It is clear and it is already evidently shown to the world that the interest of the lady from day one is what I said, she told me to my face, that she was going to do anything because I was out of the child’s life. And he did it,” he lamented.

In October 2020, the businessman also stated through social networks that he had lost the lawsuit over the child’s parental authority.

“The child is 5 years old, but I have been fighting for 5 years and telling you (the media) about the atrocity that is being done, violating the rights of the child and the father, but above all of the child, who has no voice. What happens is that they think that the child will never have a voice, and the child, each time that passes, will claim his father more and more because that is the law of life, and the blood that flows from Matías is mine. Whatever they say, they took away my parental authority. They took away my right to be with him. They have legally taken everything away from me, using whatever resources they had to use, but they took it away from me, so for you to take away parental authority from a father, the father has to be in jail, or he has to be a drug addict, or he has to be a trafficker, or has to be a child rapist, I mean, the way it was taken from me, it was atrocious. That is clear to us,” he added, reflecting his bewilderment.

The actor bets on the passage of time so that Matías discovers that, as a father, he has kept it very much in mind.

“The child is going to start seeing the injustice because thank God and today thanks to social networks and everything that we as a family have kept for him, he is going to be able to see and he is going to question and he is going to say ‘look, things don’t add up here,’ I have no doubt about that. So, what touches me in some way is to release it, as I have been releasing it in the last two years, being present from another place and waiting for time to pass.

What motivation do you think there may be for their behavior?

“Ego and some problem that she can bring,” he replied. “She has some problems of a fractured relationship with her father where for her the father does not exist, for her her father is the devil because the father does not know what he did to the mother and what he did to her and I think that for her the father figure does not exist. So, the child is being tangled up, “he analyzed.

“There is no kind of justification, to the point that to this day, the boy is 5 years old, I have always asked and I have said it in my interviews, I have always desperately asked her to give me a reason, because there is a reason”, Julián Gil insisted. “What did she say before? ‘It’s that I can’t let him see the child because the judge tells me no, that if I do that I would be violating the judge’s rules.’ Today there is no judge, there is no trial, there is nothing. All you have to do is phone and say ‘when do you want to see it’. So today that none of that exists, why doesn’t it do it? Because it was all a lie and it was all for the same purpose: to get away from the child.”

could see his face

The actor values ​​that, at least, after an image of the child that the actress shared on her social networks, he has an idea of ​​what Matías looks like.

“I don’t know if it’s a psychological issue or what, but you could see that I uploaded for the first time on the 27th, that the child’s birthday, a video that I had unpublished of him, from the first month (of birth). I was only with him for a month. Thanks to that video, at least I was able to see my son’s face because it was the first time, the first time, that she uploaded a photo because I imagine she uploaded the photo in response to my video, because it doesn’t make sense . Note that all the photos were always of the little feet, the little head, the back of the neck. I couldn’t see my son. I’ve never seen him. I just got to see it the day before yesterday (Thursday). The only thing I can tell you is that it is beautiful”, he confessed, and regretted that he has not seen it in person for “3, 4 years”.

“Of the few times that I saw him, he was put in a coexistence center, which is almost the closest thing to a prison, of which I always refused and complained, and I have not agreed.”

On the other hand, Julián Gil stated emphatically that he complies with his economic responsibility in terms of maintenance.

“Yes, of course, obviously. If I didn’t, I’d be in jail, don’t you think? If in the process they tried to put me in jail three times, imagine if I don’t pay for it,” he said.

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Julián Gil: “It was all a lie and it was all for the same purpose: to get away from the child”