Julián Gil sues natural products company for 5 million dollars

Julian Gil

Julian Gil


The well-known actor and businessman of Argentine origin Julián Gil made headlines again after filing a lawsuit against the natural products company Carson Life Inc. and its CEO Sonia Guzmán for breach of contract.

The lawsuit is in the hands of Mr. Edwin Prado, of the Prado Law Offices, who filed a lawsuit for five million dollars in a court in South Florida against the natural products company and its executive for breach of contract.

“Mrs. Sonia Guzmán and the company Carson Life Inc. were duly summoned,” Prado said in a statement.

According to reports, eight years ago, the company and its CEO proposed to the actor to be the face of advertising campaigns to promote the company’s products. However, they did not comply with the established agreements.

“Our representative fully complied as ambassador of the Carson Life brand. He made many promotional trips to cities in the United States of America and Puerto Rico as a spokesperson for the line designated for personal care, but the established contract was breached, ”he argued.

He professionally delivered on every guideline and request for promotion from the Carson Life company. (Now) it’s up to the company to fulfill its responsibility”.

The lawyer asserted that Gil contributed to “Carson Life positioning itself from the beginning as a leading company in promoting general well-being and physical health with the products they offer, contributing to its prestige and credibility among the Spanish-speaking public.”

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The first hearing is expected to be held on June 9 of this year in the Miami-Dade County Court.

“After eight years of professional relationship between Julián Gil and Mrs. Sonia Guzmán and Carson Life, they breached Julián’s contract,” he reiterated.

Gil has a portfolio of more than 15 films and around 20 soap operas. Not to mention that in the theater she has participated in more than 10 stagings.

Apart from his acting work, he has stood out as a producer of such successful events as Fiestas de la Calle Miami and as host of the program Sports Republic from Univision.

Away from the cameras, the artist raised in Puerto Rico often joins various humanitarian causes. Among others, the campaign Behind a great man there is withprevention science. Choose to live, check yourself, with a view to alerting the male population of Latin America and the United States about the dangers of prostate cancer.

The actor recently participated in the Univision telenovela What happens to my family?

Now it only remains to wait if he will win the lawsuit.

This story was originally published on April 13, 2022 5:05 p.m.

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Julián Gil sues natural products company for 5 million dollars