Julieta Prandi replied to Claudio Contardi: “I don’t have to worry about his lies and threats”

The testimony of Julieta Prandi (America)

Claudio Contardi broke the silence to discuss the legal battle what do you have with Juliet Prandi, the mother of his children, Mateo and Rocco. “Every time the court rules in my favor, a new headline appears saying that I am a scammer, that I never spend money to him, that I do not pay for school and I never buy clothes for him, that I left my children thrown away like garbage bags” , he assured in an interview with the NGO Shared childhood.

This Tuesday, the driver could not go to work at the program It’s over there, summer because she tested positive for coronavirus and is isolated. But he went out to talk on the phone with his teammates, the Tucu López and Guido Zaffora. “This non-serious organization was endorsing and defending a violent man, a scammer, an absent father who does not pay or food. They endorsed all this and discredited the sayings of my children, ”she said, furious.

In addition, the model pointed out: “There is nothing more forceful than the evidence that my lawyer has, I believe that the truth will prevail and that at the end of the road they will be ashamed of all this. With the truth one sleeps peacefully, I don’t have to worry about their lies and threats. It is the struggle that I have been taking care of and supporting my children alone for three years. The rest is in the Justice ”.

Claudio Contardi spoke of the conflict with Julieta Prandi

Prandi’s lawyer, Alejandra Bellini, It also came out through a video call to refute the statements of the businessman. First, he clarified that the employer owes more than 2 million pesos for the payment of food quotas. “The judge only harasses the mother who pays for the social work, the one who feeds and clothes them, pays for the school. She changes them schools because she can’t afford it. Contardi does not participate in anything … he pays 20 thousand pesos a month when it is sung to him and sometimes 5 thousand ”.

Later, he denied that his client does not allow her ex to have contact with minors. “The boys do not want to see it, there is a cause for corruption of minors that is very serious … They did several interviews with Mateo and he says that his father leaves him alone with this nanny who unfortunately has a son who would be involved in some events I prefer not to comment, “said the lawyer. He even clarified that Contardi is not charged in the case for corruption of minors, but for abuse. And he explained that there is still no progress in the investigation.

Julieta Prandi and Claudio Contardi have carried out a legal battle since their scandalous separation
Julieta Prandi and Claudio Contardi have carried out a legal battle since their scandalous separation

When Guido asked what he thought of the interview his ex gave, Julieta answered honestly: “I didn’t want to look at the note. For me it is not pleasant to see him, he is a person who always intimidated me and who made me go through hell, I was always afraid of him. He is a person I do not want to see or hear. Alejandra listened to him in detail and is going to take action on the matter ”.

In addition, the driver clarified: “He said that the psychologist praised what he said. But in the San Isidro Children’s Service they raised a report to the judge as a matter of urgency so that they suspend the regime. The court psychologists said that Contardi encourages violence, that he treats me crazy and that my children do not want to see their father. They also called for the suspension of the regime. They are not my sayings, they are the facts, it is the truth that is what is in Justice.

Finally, Prandi pointed out: “I left my house with my two children, I asked for a loan, I rented an apartment. When I had to pay the tuition for my children, this man had rented my house in Escobar and had collected in advance, he had all that money. I did not have a way to pay the tuition. I had to take out a $ 10,000 loan to pay off the debts. I bank my children and he doesn’t pay anything. I believe that everything is a joke, everywhere what he says is water ”.


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Julieta Prandi replied to Claudio Contardi: “I don’t have to worry about his lies and threats”