Julieta Prandi revealed the determination of her eldest son in the legal case with her ex-husband

Julieta Prandi said that her eldest son took off his father’s surname (Video: “It’s out there”, “Intruders”, America)

“I never wanted to be doing what I am doing today because if there is something that I always criticized, it is the way of making our family problems public. I always wanted to preserve the mental health of my children, but I had no other alternative than today to sit in front of a camera and tell my truth“, said Claudio Contardi last January when he publicly broke the silence and spoke about the legal battle he is going through with his ex-wife, Juliet Prandi.

At that time, the businessman accused the driver of having taken her children “as hostages” and said that the eldest, Mateo, has not seen him since February 2021. “The best thing for the boys is that they are with the mother, the father and the family of both parties. That the judiciary continue its course and at the end of this one realizes who was telling the truth and who was lying. I love and miss you. I waited for you for the Holidays, for my birthday, Father’s Day… I hope this ends soon and they can be well with their mom and dad”.

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Meanwhile, Prandi had clarified that she had never prevented her children from contacting their father. By case, and despite the statements of the minors -Mateo and Rocco- the judge had ruled that they should reconnect with the employer.

However, Judge Marcela Silvia Rama took up the case and the first thing she did was listen to the children of Contardi and Prandi and imposed new measures: “This suspension and perimeter is for sixty days, he cannot be approached in any way, not even by phone. There is also the issue of quota, he owes more than three million pesos “.

Julieta Prandi and Claudio Contardi divorced in November 2019
Julieta Prandi and Claudio Contardi divorced in November 2019

These measures brought relief to the driver, as she said this Thursday in the pass of It’s over there with V flower on intruders, for America. “I’m honest with you – Prandi was sincere before his colleague – Since I told you about these suspensions, my children are happier, calmer. Because until now there was no paper to protect them, and they saw themselves in a situation where if the father showed up, it was a pushover. The police had to show up. Violent”, said the model.

“The most serious thing -he added- is that they had been listening to my children, they had spoken in front of the psychologist, at the service of children, in the Court: ‘I don’t want to, he does this to me, he does that to me, he hits me’. Whatever. And nobody listened to them. AND As a mother, I did not have the tools to defend them.. That is the most serious thing,” said Prandi.

Immediately, while listening to the testimony of the driver of It’s over there, Flor de la V stressed the importance of children being heard. And she provided the fact that Mateo, the eldest son of Julieta Prandi, wants to change his last name: take off his father’s and start using his mother’s.

“This year this is going to be done. Mateo can now do it and he has completely decided. It is one of the steps that come now”Said the model about the next advances in the cause. And, about Rocco, the youngest, she added: “I think my other son is going the same way”.


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Julieta Prandi revealed the determination of her eldest son in the legal case with her ex-husband