Julieta Prandi’s New Year: the celebration with Emanuel Ortega and his children and away from the conflicts with his ex

Julieta Prandi raised her glass to celebrate the new year
Julieta Prandi raised her glass to celebrate the new year

New Year New Life. That seems to be the premise of Juliet Prandi that, after a 2021 in which the conflicts with his ex continued, he wants to turn the page and take refuge in his most loved ones.

In this sense, he shared in his Instagram a series of postcards in which he gives an account of how he received the new year: “At last 2022 arrived, strong and in the middle, always!”, She wrote next to several images in which she is seen toasting with her children Matthew Y Rocco; her boyfriend Emanuel Ortega, with whom He has been in a relationship for more than a year, and his parents.

The intimacy of Julieta Prandi's New Year's celebration with her loved ones
The intimacy of Julieta Prandi’s New Year’s celebration with her loved ones

In addition, days ago he had also published photos with the musician, in the middle of a beautiful country landscape. “What are they talking about? Luckily, nobody has a clue hahaha “He commented next to the post. Apparently, everything is going more than well between them and he is a great contention for her in the middle of the legal dispute that the model has with Claudio Contardi, the father of their little ones. Even the model is already more than integrated into the Ortega family, who adopted her as one of the clan.

Julieta Prandi and Emanuel Ortega's romantic getaway, days before the end of the year
Julieta Prandi and Emanuel Ortega’s romantic getaway, days before the end of the year

In terms of work, Julieta will start this year with a busy schedule: on the one hand, she will continue to lead Sarasa for The 100 FM, and on the other hand, this Monday, January 3, it will return to the America to drive the summer version of It’s over there, the cycle that led Guillermo Andino Y Soledad Fandiño, and that now he will have her as host, next to the Tucu lopez.

Last Friday, December 24, Justice lifted the legal muzzle that weighed on Prandi and prevented her from speaking about the complaint of gender violence against her ex. In the recitals of the notification signed by the judge Marcela Silvia Rama, it is clarified that Julieta is a “public figure, actress and driver with occupational exposure in the mass media”, with which the legal muzzle requested by Contardi through his lawyers, “would imply the outright restriction or annulment of the right to freedom of expression in the media, that is to say, affectation to the freedom of expression and press of Mrs. Prandi, in the understanding that the public persons are themselves producers of contents and not only the mass media ”.

“This seems important to me not only for her, but for the media, because of what happened with Sebastián Domenech“, I explain Alejandra Bellini, Prandi’s attorney, to Teleshow. “What I want to show is that, faced with the same problem, there are two different situations. Domenech is not allowed to even tell what is happening to him with his children. In Julieta’s case, there is a coherent judge who talks about the articles of constitutional roots with respect to freedom of expression, which I think is very important in democracy ”, the lawyer described.

“She never spoke about her children or the seriousness of what is involved in their criminal cases, because obviously as a mother she will never air private matters to her children”He added. In addition, Bellini said that it is not yet known who will take up the case after García Lázaro left it. “We are still worried because we do not know where its causes will lie. Hopefully it will be in this court No. 5 ″, said the legal representative. Regarding the muzzle that his ex imposed on Prandi, he analyzed: “That people cannot talk about what is happening to them is incredible, especially being public figures. Because, in short, they are the ones who can stand up for a lot of people who don’t have a voice.”. For now, the legal dispute continues, but this was undoubtedly good news for the driver.


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Julieta Prandi’s New Year: the celebration with Emanuel Ortega and his children and away from the conflicts with his ex