Julio José Iglesias, more sincere than ever, talks about his divorce and his famous family

After three years without visiting Spain, Julio José Iglesias Jr has returned to Madrid at the hands of Schweppes and has been in charge of closing the first pop up in the history of the brand. With the sympathy, naturalness and closeness that characterizes him, Isabel Preysler’s son has told us how he is after his marriage break with Charisse Verhaert after 16 years of love that ended in early 2021.

In addition, and with the spontaneity that he has always shown, he has told us about his professional projects, his artistic career and the happiness of Tamara Falcó with Íñigo Onieva whom, he confesses, he still does not know.

– CHANCE: Hello July, welcome after such a long time * three years right?

JULY: yes, I think it’s been two and three-quarters years since I came to Spain. I was very excited to return after so long and after what we’ve been through, all these difficult moments for everyone.

CH: How have you lived the pandemic?

JULY: It has been difficult for not being able to travel, for not being able to support my family, for not being able to be on stage. The only thing I see that the pandemic has helped me is to make a wonderful album, but the rest has been a martyrdom.

CH: you’re back on stage *

– JULY: the stage that finally the other day I did my first show in the United States and very happy and very happy to be able to go on stage again to do what I like and to present my new album.

CH: What plans do you have for christmas?

– JULY: I don’t know exactly what is going to happen this Christmas. I would love to return to Spain with my family. I don’t know if my family is going to come to the United States or I am coming here after 10 days. As we are few * we must agree.

– CH: those wonderful nephews you have

JULY: I think the only one who does not have children is me because everyone already * Nothing happens, I still feel young. I love having nephews. My two sisters, my brother * we are already many, but it is wonderful.

– CH: Tamara is doing a carrerón in Spain

JULY: I follow her and see that she is doing great, that she is sweeping, people love her very much. She is a wonderful girl and I love that people meet her and see how wonderful she is. She is haunted and has a lot of art.

CH: Will there be a wedding soon with Íñigo?

– JULY: I don’t know Íñigo. I have not met him.

CH: what are you waiting for?

JULY: I dont know. I know that Tamara has a boyfriend, but I don’t know him. She is happy with her boyfriend and that seems great to me that he is happy.

CH: Did you point out chef ways when you were little?

JULY: he has always liked cooking. No wonder he won ‘Masterchef’. She is agile and a very nice girl, she gets along well with everyone. It seems wonderful to me.

CH: I can make you a Christmas menu

– JULY: do not hesitate. Right now yeah

– CH: your sister Tamara wants to get married, but your mother doesn’t see it necessary, what do you think?

– JULY: Are you asking me divorced? I think that getting married is fine. You can get married, nothing happens but obviously it is not getting married just to get married the day you get married, you have to think that it is forever.

CH: After your relationship with Charise, you are officially divorced man. Do you want to fall in love again?

– JULY: I tell you the truth, my wife and I have separated. We’ve been apart for a year and a half, but officially a month ago. And we made that decision a year or so ago because love * we said if love is not up to here, 100% and we can continue to be friends, continue to be family and love each other the same, well, what difference does it make, but I want to continue living life like her to the fullest. We decided to divorce in a friendly plan, in a family plan, we love each other and we talk.

– CH: love was broken from using it so much

JULY: no, what happens is that but there are couples who do not separate and stay there. We do not have children * well look at it. My wife comes to the United States and she can stay with me at home and there is no problem at all. Upside down. We have a wonderful relationship.

– CH: she has gone from being your wife to being your best friend

– JULY: exactly. In any case, do not think that it has not been a sad moment in my life because a separation is not something beautiful. Especially after 17 years together, it’s a long time.

– CH: Did you have family projects?

JULY: we never had children because between the time she traveled it never arose. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. It arose thus and thus it happened. What if we had separated if we had children? I don’t know, you never know.

CH: When are you going to present your new album in our country?

JULY: My new album called ‘Under de covers’, is one of the most beautiful albums I have made and I want to come and present it if God wants in summer, as soon as possible and do something beautiful in my country.

– CH: Have they heard it in your house yet?

– JULY: yes, to my father I always … my father and my brother are the three musicians of the family. They are the ones who really think. My father loved it. In my show I sing a lot of songs about him and he loves it. I sing from ‘Manuela’, ‘Life goes on the same’, ‘Natalie’, ‘I forgot to live’ and my father is very proud that he does that.

– CH: How is your father?

– JULY: my father is good. He is also looking forward to returning to the stage, what happens is that he is more afraid of being around people, like older people, but it is normal. The Covid has not taken well because my father is traveling and it has been a great disappointment for him not to be able to do what he likes the most.

– CH: Have you asked for advice in love?

JULY: to my father? I just watch.

– CH: Enrique?

JULY: very good, he is happy. He has just finished his tour with Ricky Martin, which has been great for him throughout the United States. She is happy with her children and is seeing life wonderfully.

– CH: we have seen your little one dancing

– JULY: Yes Yes. Enrique’s children are very cute, sporty. They already start with the sport. the beautiful girl and the boy too. Genes always play a huge role.

CH: Do you want to fall in love again?

– JULY: How can I not be open to love? love is very important, it is part of life. Of course. I always love having someone by my side to support me

CH: Wishes for 2022?

JULY: end this pandemic. Health is the most important. If you are not healthy you have nothing. I am about to turn 49 years old and although it seems that I am fine, everything hurts.

– CH: Balance of 2021?

– JULY: the worst thing is the divorce due to sadness and the best thing is the album that I have made that I have done with a lot of love and affection. That has been.

– CH: What do you think of Mario Vargas Llosa?

JULY: I find it wonderful. My mother is very happy and Mario is a wonderful man, very nice, I really like him. The little time that I have shared with him, he is a very hearty man, a very good person.

CH: What does a woman have to have for Julio José?

– JULY: for Julio José I don’t know. Just kidding. What does it have to have? You have to have a sense of humor first. If I don’t laugh with her forget it, a boring girl or I can handle it. If she is pretty, it helps, that she get along with everyone and that she be educated, that she know a little about life.

This story was originally published on December 15, 2021 8:43 am.

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Julio José Iglesias, more sincere than ever, talks about his divorce and his famous family