Jury awards Cardi B $1.25 million in defamation case

A federal jury in Atlanta awarded Cardi-B 1.25 million dollars in one demand for defamation against a celebrity news blogger who she alleges posted videos falsely claiming the award-winning rapper grammys He used cocaine, had contracted herpes and dedicated himself to prostitution.

The jury found Monday that Latasha Kebeknown online as Tasha K, and a company she owns are responsible for defamation, violation of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the rapper, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar. The lawyers de Kebe said in an email Tuesday that they disagree with the verdict and will appeal.

The jury awarded Cardi-B $1 million in general damages for pain and suffering and/or reputational damage, and $250,000 in medical expenses.

Kebe, who lives in the Atlanta area, produces, hosts, and publishes a YouTube channel called unWinewithTashaK.

began to focus on Cardi-B in early 2018, making “degrading and harassing statements” about her, says the demand. On September 19, 2018, he posted a video of an interview he did with a woman who said she knew Cardi-B before she was famous. The video includes the “false, malicious and defamatory” statements that Cardi-B she was a prostitute, has herpes and had had outbreaks in her mouth, and used cocaine.

“None of the aforementioned statements about the applicant It’s true,” says demand. “The applicant She was never a prostitute or a cocaine user. The applicant he has never had, and does not now have, herpes, nor has he had herpes outbreaks in his mouth.”

Shortly after the video was posted, the attorney for Cardi-B sent a cease and desist letter to Kebe demanding his immediate retirement. Instead, Kebe posted another video on September 21, 2018, stating that everything said in the video two days earlier was correct and also claiming that the rapper was cheating on her husband, she says. demand.

Kebe then proceeded to attack Cardi-B and making false statements about her on social media for months, says the demand.

The statements caused Cardi-B “shame, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional anguish,” says the demand. They also “caused damage to the reputation and character (of Cardi-B) within your profession and industry, including, but not limited to, among your fans and potential business relationships.”

Kebe knew that the statements he published about Cardi-B were false, or knew they were probably false, when he published them, says the demand.

Cardi-B originally filed the demand against Kebe in March 2019. The woman Kebe had interviewed in the September 2018 video was also originally charged, but the complaint against her was dropped on November 11, 2020, according to court filings in the court. case.

Kebe said in a court filing in response to the demand that after publishing the video of September 19, 2018, Cardi-B contacted her via private message about the interview and was angry that personal details about her had been revealed. Kebe told Cardi-B that she was not interested in talking via private message and encouraged her to go to his YouTube channel to “tell him the truth” in an interview, the document says.

Cardi-B he declined and instead “went into a rage” on Instagram, where he posted numerous videos about the information in the video and “began publicly criticizing” Kebe, saying that he “always makes up false stories; he harasses all the friends of Cardi-B; constantly stalks Cardi-B; use the name of Cardi-B for “click bait”; and many similar accusations,” says Kebe’s court file.

Kebe received threats on Instagram and hostile calls on his cell phone, and his home address was made public, his file says. He feared for the safety of himself and his family and called the FBI office in Atlanta. After an FBI agent advised him that he had better find a new place to live, he moved with his family to a city in another county and ended up having to change his phone number, the document says. he.

Kebe countersued Cardi-Barguing that the rapper encouraged her associates and fans to threaten and harass her. Cardi-B and his associates engaged in a “pattern of intimidation and harassment” against her when they threatened her with physical violence, the court filing says. In addition to the fear and anxiety Kebe suffered while dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, she also incurred unexpected expenses associated with her abrupt move, her file says.

Kebe said the rapper was guilty of assault and intentionally causing him emotional distress and should pay damages and attorneys’ fees. lawyers. US District Judge William Ray in July dismissed the demand of Kebe and said that he had provided no evidence establishing that Cardi-B was the actual cause of any alleged assault or emotional distress.

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Jury awards Cardi B $1.25 million in defamation case