Kanye West breaks the silence about Kim Kardashian: Reveals his secrets

Kanye West does it again…

Despite already being in a relationship with Julie Fox, the interpreter of ‘Closed on Sunday‘ continues to attack his ex-partner and mother of his children: Kim Kardashian. Through an intimate interview with Jason Lee for Hollywood Unlocked, Kanye broke the silence on the socialite, revealing some of his secrets and dragging Pete Davidson into the drama.

Kanye West breaks the silence on Kim Kardashian: “He wants to antagonize me”

As expressed by the rapper, Kim wants to “antagonize” him in front of his children, reason why he bought a mansion in front of the property of the socialite. Thus, he is only a few steps away from them, who he claims are his “consolation”.

My comfort comes from seeing my children and having a solid schedule. I’m going to be so close, the kids are literally walking distance. I don’t play when it comes to my children. Neither my career, nor rap, nor these media… Nothing is going to take me away from my children. Do not play with my children, there is no security that comes between my children and mesaid the rapper.

What do you think of Pete Davidson?

As to Peter DavidsonKim’s current partner, Kanye showed his anger at the relationship, as Ye claims that he did nothing but support his ex-wife when she debuted in Saturday night Live, program in which, it is said, began her romance with the comedian, after they both shared a kiss scene:How are you going to take me to SNL and then kiss the guy you’re dating right in front of me?” he asked himself during the interview.

Kanye West reveals secrets of Kim Kardashian

In addition to the statements about their children and Kim’s current partner; West assures that there is another intimate video of Kim Kardashian with Ray J, one of his exes. In fact, Ye points out that the leader of the Kardashian clan – Jenner cried when she saw the tape, because she couldn’t help but feel “used”.

“I met this man [Ray J] in the airport. I’m back, Iand taught [a Kim] a laptop containing the video. She cried when she saw it. Do you know why he cried when he saw it on the laptop? because it represents How much have they used? It represents how much people he didn’t love her and they just saw her as a commodity… He is the most famous person in the world.”revealed.

The reason for his breakup with Kim Kardashian

The rapper also revealed that he was his attempt to have a career in politics which caused his relationship with Kim to deteriorate, because it ensures that the socialite he was influenced by many people when he announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2020.

“There are a lot of people around Kim who can influence her. While making certain decisions, he is just looking for a safe place to be. Women just want safety and comfort. Ultimately, it is what she would like from her husband, sWhenever your husband plays the role that Hollywood is already playing [y no en la política]“, express.

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Kanye West breaks the silence about Kim Kardashian: Reveals his secrets