Kanye West puts legal and economic obstacles to Kim Kardashian so that she can be single again

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce It has been processed for more than a year and nothing seems to move forward in this thorny legal matter in which its protagonists seem to be increasingly distant. In fact, the matter is going so slowly that in December the Californian businesswoman decided to go one step further to expedite her situation: she filed documents to request a change in her marital status, in order to recover her last name and be considered again. legally single woman. All this even before the process of separating her comes to an end, in which issues about her assets and the custody of her four children will have to be resolved.

However, Kanye West, 44, is not willing to give a millimeter in the claims of his still wife. The rapper’s movements go in other directions: Ye —as he is now known— is doing a campaign of harassment and takedown against Kardashian on social media, in which he cries out to recover his family and to resume his relationship with her. In fact, he has now stood before a court to try to block Kardashian’s claim to recover her singleness in advance.

As published by the magazine Peoplewho has obtained the corresponding court documents presented by the controversial artist’s third team of lawyers, West is not going to allow Kardashian, 41, to be single again – something that would be decided at a hearing next March to which she will attend your lawyer, the well-known lawyer Laura Wasser—, among other things because he fears that he will remarry. The businesswoman has maintained for a few months a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, 28, which the rapper clearly doesn’t approve of, given his intentions to get back together with her. And for that he intends to put a whole series of obstacles.

In fact, the lawyers have already described that the fact that she becomes single without having decided the future of her properties, her money and her children would suppose “a risk with adverse consequences”. According to documents filed last Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California, “an early termination of his status [de personas casadas] would create problems in obtaining evidence” in the event that either of them “remarries before the case is over.” Apparently, Kardashian rejected all those conditions on Tuesday, hence the lawyers decided to bring them to justice a day later.

West’s lawyers not only want to paint a black picture before the judge who decides on Kardashian’s request, but in fact they have established “conditions” in case she goes ahead with the process. Among them, that the businesswoman loses the so-called “marital privilege” that she has with West, by which she is allowed not to have to testify against her husband or be a witness, and by which the spouses are also allowed to hide conversations they have had between they; that is, without that marital privilege, their communications could be read, seen, and heard at the divorce trial and would most likely be leaked to the media. “If that status is terminated without West’s approval and Kim remarries before the case is over, then a barrier to obtaining proof of paternity and custody will be created,” the musician’s attorneys say.

Beyond the legal question, West even seeks get hands on Kardashian’s financesin fact paralyze them. If the reality star were to achieve single status before divorce proceedings are finalized, the rapper demands that she cannot access or move assets from mutual funds and trusts before they decide how. their properties are legally distributed. In addition, he demands a so-called “right of reimbursement” if either party dies, whereby the other would collect the money they owe each other. Two issues, the economic ones, that Kardashian’s lawyer has denied that it is necessary since all this is settled in his prenuptial agreement, according to the portal Page Sixwho has also obtained the documents,

According to West’s attorneys, Kardashian’s single petition “should be rejected without prejudice so that Kim can reapply with the required corrections and petitions.” For them, the requests “are not extravagant” but simply seek to keep both spouses in the same status as they are now.

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Kanye West puts legal and economic obstacles to Kim Kardashian so that she can be single again