Karyme Lozano, from the queen of novels to a life far from fame that makes her happier

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After her professional debut as the daughter of Daniela Romo in the melodrama set in the 50s, ‘Si Dios me quita la vida’ – with César Évora and Omar Fierro – in 1996, Karyme lozano quickly became a star of the soap opera genre. He had different roles, until the occasion came to incarnate Fatima in ‘Three women‘ in 1999.

Although the role had been written with Andrea Legarreta in mind – and she already told Mara Patricia Castañeda how was what the company convinced her to reject the character and stay as a host on ‘Hoy’, effectively ending her acting career to become a full-time host—, Karyme knew how to make it her own Throughout the almost 300 chapters of the telenovela created by Martha Carrillo, which became a true phenomenon and put Karyme and Jorge Salinas on the horns of the moon.

Karyme currently lives in a residential area of ​​Los Angeles with her husband Michael Domingo, the two children they adopted, Mateo and Ana Lucía, and her daughter from a previous relationship with actor Aitor Iturríz, Ángela, who is 21 years old and he is finishing his university studies on a campus in southern California.

7 years after semi-retirement –because although she does not do soap operas, the actress remains active in Anglo-Saxon projects sporadically, as a participation in the Kevin James series’Kevin Can Wait‘or an appearance in the upcoming comedy by Rob Schneider ‘Daddy-Daughter Trip’ – Karyme has looked for a way to maintain a lower profile, even if she is active in her social networks, and mainly, what she has been looking for is stability, like Valentino Lanús, in a more spiritual world and in her case, focused on the family.

Born in Mexico City on April 3, 1978, Karyme was always drawn to acting as his uncles were the actors Jaime Lozano and the acclaimed Ana Bertha Espín (they broke up in 1992, but the affective relationship between Karyme and Espín has remained in force throughout life) and was in one way or another, connected with the tables, even from her participation as an actress in the stagings at the American School in the Mexican capital, where she was educated.

Part of a ‘golden’ generation of CEA which included figures such as Mariana Seoane (who in those years was her inseparable friend), Nora Salinas, Valentino Lanús, Sebastián Rulli, Anna Layevska, Kuno Becker and several more, who became stars internationally, Karyme started from the bottom and she owes nobody anything; He did everything through effort.

Following the death of her father in 2009, an event that deeply affected her, Karyme put a brake on her career and he spent more time with Ángela, having separated from Iturríz in 2002; it was this approach to motherhood that led her to find a refuge and a joy in this facet, something that her acting career did not give her, and when she met Michael in 2012, she found a man who shared her most conservative values, and tired of the superficial, he turned his back on fame to be happy.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Karyme Lozano and Michael Domingo attend Favored.by Presents The 4th Annual Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event at Skirball Cultural Center on September 19, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole / FilmMagic)

Karyme Lozano and her husband Michael Domingo in Los Angeles, California. (Unique Nicole / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

Karyme and Michael were foster parents for a few years in the Los Angeles area and decided to become permanent adoptive parents by adopting Mateo and Ana Lucía, two little ones who, as seen in their Instagram stories, have changed their lives, filling it with activities and joys Although he has not forgotten his passion for acting, but he definitely put her in second place.

“Many people ask me ‘How do you do with your career, with your family, with your children?'” Said the protagonist of ‘Girl, my beloved’, in one of those videos. “Well, it is the grace of God. All the good that you see in me comes from God. Everything bad is me, the imperfect human being. Now that I am directing and producing, all of that comes through prayer, my relationship with God, that inspires me through his Holy Spirit. “

MADRID, SPAIN - JULY 17: Karyme Lozano poses during

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Some members of the public They have criticized her for doing religious proselytizing and having very conservative and illiberal attitudes, but if you look at Karyme compared to Eduardo Verástegui (which is not only anti-vaccination, it is homophobic — subtle irony—, anti-abortion, and proTrump) actually Lozano’s position is quite moderate; but something has made it clear: In the family he has found the love, peace and tranquility that not even his greatest moments of fame could give him.


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Karyme Lozano, from the queen of novels to a life far from fame that makes her happier