Kate, Guillermo, Carlos …: their sadness on Armistice Day for the absence of the queen

I arrive one of the most anticipated appointments for the British royal family, but in this 2021 they have lived it in a very different way than they had imagined.

As reported by Buckinham Palace this Sunday, November 15, the Queen decided this morning not to join the tribute ceremony of the Cenotio from London on Armistice Day, due to a back problem. “She is disappointed,” the same sources have assured.

Photo: Kate Middleton. (Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images)

It is the first time in 22 years that Elizabeth II does not attend to this appointment along with the rest of his family. Being present at the Cenotaph in London to honor fallen soldiers during World War I marked the monarch’s first public reappearance since doctors advised her to rest for several weeks after spending a night in hospital last month. Is about a very important date for the queen. He was expected to witness the service at the war memorial in central London from the balcony of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office building. But finally it could not be.

Camilla Parker and Kate Middleton during the event. (REUTERS / Aaron Chown / Pool)

Elizabeth II lived through World War II in her teens. Today she is the head of the armed forces and attaches great importance to this act and to the commemoration of the sacrifices made by fallen military men and women.

Those who have not missed the tribute have been Prince Charles together with the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince William and Kate Middleton (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Royal Princess Anne and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra.

Prince William during the tribute at El Cenotio. (REUTERS / Aaron Chown / Pool)

Saturday night, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence, Princes Michael of Kent, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker attended the concert organized by the Royal British Legion (RBL) at the Royal Albert Hall in London. They did it without the queen, but everyone expected her to reappear the next day. The change of plans at the very last minute is a concern in the United Kingdom again.

Today, the seriousness of the faces of the queen’s relatives, habitual in this act due to the solemnity that it entails, was accentuated by a halo of sadness. The unexpected absence of the queen has been noticed this Sunday in which everyone has missed her.

Kate Middleton and Sophie from Wessex chatting during the tribute. (REUTERS / Aaron Chown / Pool)

As in previous years, the Prince of Wales has placed a wreath in the name of Elizabeth II. The ladies have worn the traditional styling for these occasions, with dark garments, hats and poppies on their lapels. As is often the case with every appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge, she has turned heads with her personal elegance and her chosen look for this year.

Prince Charles placing the flower crown. (REUTERS Toby Melville / Pool)

The event was also joined by leading members of the government, military and veterans to commemorate those who lost their lives in the war.

This act is celebrated on the Sunday closest to November 11 to commemorate the end of the First World War. This year will be missing one of the most iconic images of the reign of Elizabeth II. The one that leaves us each year in the Cenotio, with his head bowed, dressed in black and showing a red poppy on his lapel.

The queen’s health problems began last month, when she had to spend a night in the hospital for unspecified reasons. It was then ensured that the monarch was undergoing a medical check-up to verify that everything was in order and that she had been advised to rest for a couple of weeks. Isabel II’s agenda came to a standstill.

Elizabeth II, in a file image. (Getty)

The lack of clarity about the reasons for his weakness and his prolonged absence, together with his advanced age (95 years), caused alarms to go off in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. Nor should we forget that Prince Charles’s mother is not having her best mood after the recent loss of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and because of the thorny situation that his grandson has caused Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. To all this must be added the public collapse of what is believed to be his favorite son, Prince Andrew, accused having had sex with a minor, Virginia Roberts, linked to his friend Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his New York cell on August 10, 2019, disowned as a pedophile and pimp.

Although Elizabeth II has allowed herself to be seen during these days holding a meeting through videoconference, this new setback only increases concern, taking into account that the tribute to those who fell in the Cenotium is an act of great importance for her .

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Kate, Guillermo, Carlos …: their sadness on Armistice Day for the absence of the queen