Kate Middleton and her shocking look in red, with a Spanish and supportive wink

It is impossible for him shocking look in red color that Kate Middleton has worn this Tuesday in London go unnoticed and placed in that list of those that we will never remember for specials. The Duchess of Cambridge knew that she was going to be the center of attention, since she is not only one of the patrons of the foundation that organized the event, but she was also in charge of giving the opening speech. But she has drawn even more glances to her thanks to her one-color outfit, that also had a Spanish and solidarity wink. A risky bet, but one that has come out the absolute winner.

Because Kate Middleton has dared with a pleated and almost ankle length skirt in striking red. If it is already a garment that attracts glances, he has combined it with a fine thread sweater, adjusted and of the same color, creating a striking look, and of course very different from those he chose in his first public appearances after his holidays , with whom it seemed that he had adopted a low profile and wanted to give prominence to others. And if this Tuesday he intended that his look was not the center of attention, of course he has not succeeded.

Kate Middleton, this Tuesday in London. (EFE)

The Duchess of Cambridge has also chosen to combine this red outfit with camel color accessories. At his feet, some stilettos made of Ralph lauren, specifically the Celia model, made of leather and with a 10-centimeter heel. They can still be purchased on the firm’s website for about 545 euros. But it is in the choice of the bag where the Spanish and solidarity wink of which we speak comes in, when rescuing a mini model from DeMellier London, also made of leather, the same tone as the shoes and with a front closure that matched the earrings, some golden twist-effect hoops and that can be found in Asos for 14 euros.

And as can be read on the website of DeMellier London, “for each bag purchased, we finance a set of vaccines and treatments that save lives and that aim to save the life of a child in need through A Bag, A Life, our permanent charity initiative that I carry very close to my heart and is the core of our DNA ”. In addition to this solidarity detail, there is also a ‘made in Spain’ stamp: not only are the collections made by hand in our country with the best materials from Spain and Italy, but the person in charge of the firm is Mireia Lluisa-Lindh, Barcelona based in London who has already seen other celebs such as Kate Moss, Beyoncé or Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law, wear her designs.

The bag worn this Tuesday by Kate Middleton. (DeMellier London)

It is true that the most important thing about the event was not the Duchess of Cambridge look, although the British media did not talk about anything else just after its appearance, as happened in the premiere of the new James Bond movie. The appointment was to talk about addictions, of any kind, and was organized by The Forward Trust, a charity of which it has been a sponsor since last June. Two of the protagonists of the event have been Ant & Dec, a duo of well-known presenters in the UK. One of them, Ant McPartlin, also suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. And although she has already recovered, she has contributed her first-person view of an issue that greatly concerns Kate Middleton.

The leitmotif of this event, which is usually held every year, is that everyone can fall into addiction, but we can all get out of it anyway. And the Duchess of Cambridge also wanted influence how the pandemic has been able to accentuate even more the personal situations that make one fall into addictions, also relating them to mental health, another of the pillars of the work of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Duchess has been able to speak with the duo of presenters and their wives, as well as with assistants who have gone through addiction and recovery processes before beginning to speak in public.

The Duchess of Cambridge, during her speech. (Kensington Palace)

“The journey into addiction is often complex and multi-layered. But, by recognizing what underlies addiction, we can help remove the taboo and shame that sadly surrounds it. As a society, we must start from a position of compassion and empathy. When we take care of those around us, we understand your journey and what awaits you. Need value and prioritize care and support, helping to restore and connect people who clearly suffer, with the people around them, “said Kate Middleton during her speech.

“The pandemic has had a devastating impact on addiction rates. And families and children are facing addiction in greater numbers than ever … There is hope, however. For the past ten years, I have had the privilege of meeting many amazing people who have lived through the harsh realities of addiction. Through their hard work and with the help of communities and charities like The Forward Trust, lives are really changing. ”

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Kate Middleton and her shocking look in red, with a Spanish and supportive wink