Kate Middleton’s viral reaction when children mention Harry and Meghan

It happened last week, but it has not been until now that the video of that moment has started to spread like wildfire on social networks. And it has as protagonist Kate Middleton and her spontaneous reaction when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are mentioned to her. Last Wednesday, the Duchess of Cambridge visited Nower Hill School in Harrow, in which she taught a neuroscience class related to the growth of children, a topic that interests Kate so much that she has even created the Center for Early Childhood, a center where she will study in detail what the first years of childhood are like. life of the little ones.

During her stay at Nower Hill, the Duchess, who chose for the occasion a knitted sweater in red from the Hobbs brand that she combined with a matching coat of the same brand and black pants, He was talking with the little ones to inquire about their education. It is common to see Kate talking with children in a close and entertaining way; However, during one of those talks there was a moment a little awkward for the Duchess of Cambridge, who couldn’t hide his reaction.

It is already known that children always tell the truth (or at least that is what is widely believed), and when Kate Middleton asked the students about which members of the royal family they knew, a student sat next to her side replied: “Harry and Meghan”. Although it is a microsecond, in the video you can see that the Duchess of Cambrige rolls her eyes at the answer of the little girl, and does not hesitate to quickly change the subject with another question: “And who else?”

Upon learning of the existence of this video, fans of Harry and Meghan have been quick to criticize the Duchess of Cambridge, assuring that her reaction was “bad” and that she is “rude”, further fueling the war that exists in networks between the followers of both couples. And it is that the rivalry is such that any small detail is analyzed to leave the other ‘team’ badly. A situation, this of the two sides, that has even been publicly criticized by the Dukes of Sussex, but that far from softening it seems that it is getting more and more.

Pictured: Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, in a file image. (Getty)

And especially after the controversy caused by the BBC documentary, which tonight will broadcast what is its second and last chapter. In ‘The princess and the press’ there is a review of how it is and has been William and Harry’s relationship with the media, and the content of the space has not liked the royal family at all, who complains of not having been able to actively participate in the documentary as Meghan has done through her lawyer, who talks about the accusations of workplace harassment by the former actress that according to her never existed.

It seems that, for now, there is no peace for the Windsors, not even with Christmas just around the corner.

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Kate Middleton’s viral reaction when children mention Harry and Meghan