Khloé Kardashian betrayed again by Tristan Thompson, who is supposed to have a child with a personal trainer

A 31-year-old woman named Maralee Nichols has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming child support from Tristan Thompson, ex of Khloé kardashianFor the baby she’s expecting, which is supposedly from the basketball player. This leaves Khloé Kardashian a new betrayal by Tristan Thompson. The woman says they conceived in a hotel after the sports star’s birthday party in Texas.

But worst of all is that Khloé kardashian was at the celebration. I mean, where was the woman who claims she will have a child with Tristan Thompson met or at least saw Khloé Kardashian. Let’s remember that the couple separated when Khloé was about to give birth to their daughter, True. Additionally, the player also has another 4-year-old daughter from a previous couple. After, Tristan and Khloé have tried to have a better relationship, but Now this news comes to light that implies a new betrayal for Khloé Kardashian.

In legal documents obtained by the Daily Mail that Tristan thompson He has filed in response to the lawsuit, he claims he only had two sexual encounters in the same night with Nichols, but her lawyers say their affair lasted five months. Tristan and Khloé kardashian they would be together by that time. The star of the NBA He has also requested that the case be moved from California to Texas, where child support laws recommend much lower pensions than in the state of California.

Maralee nichols, which has gone out of accounts this week, assures that Tristan offered him $ 75,000 in exchange for not continuing with the pregnancy and has shown the messages that he sent, assuring him that he would not get involved in the life of his son and insisting in that he would give him the least possible financial help to raise him. Tristan thompson He has acknowledged that these messages were sent from his mobile phone and has not denied at any time that he may be the father of the baby, but has asked that a paternity test be carried out after his birth.

Regarding the status of your relationship with Khloé kardashianBefore the Kardashian family reality show came to an end, she confessed to the cameras that she was considering resorting to a surrogacy to have a second child with Tristan thompson. However, a few months later images of Tristan came to light in a house in Bel-Air, leaving a room after spending half an hour locked inside with three women, and it is believed that this was the final breakup.

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Khloé Kardashian betrayed again by Tristan Thompson, who is supposed to have a child with a personal trainer