Kika Edgar spoke of the rumors that relate her to Humberto Zurita

Humberto Zurita He has always been characterized as a man who has chosen to lead a discreet life and maintain his privacy regardless of his professional career. However, the actor has not been rid of rumors and speculation about his love life, all this two years after regrettable passing of Christian bach.

Since then, Zurita, who recently revealed how he dealt with Bach’s death, has been romantically related to some of his companions in the middle of the show, and especially with Kika Edgar, with whom he maintains a very close friendship since they coincided in the recordings of the series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’.

And although in recent weeks the rumors about a possible romance between celebrities gained strength due to the publications that artists usually make on their social networks, it was the 36-year-old actress who clarified the situation and made it clear that between her and the 67-year-old Mexican there is nothing but a beautiful friendship.

Sandra Ericka Edgar Garza, better known as Kika Edgar, gave an interview to the Mexican television program ‘Ventaneando’, where she referred to the rumors that have surrounded her love life in recent months and in which Humberto has been involved.

The singer also admitted to being used to this type of situation, something she said is part of the dangers of being exposed to public light, so she downplayed everything that is said about her without foundation. “It is part of what you can be exposed to, but I in particular am very relaxed, because you know who you are,” said the actress with a very relaxed attitude.

About the reaction that the father of Sebastian Zurita, who a few days ago explained that his heart was down after suffering a painful loss, could have rumors of romance between them, Kika was very clear and with total sincerity admitted, “I think that [él reacciona igual que yo]. He’s a pretty smart man and you know where all things come from. I am more relaxed, he is not so relaxed, but then it happens and in the end we laugh, “added Edgar, hinting that at some point he has already talked with Zurita about the rumors that sentimentally related them.

However, the love that Humberto has for Christian is more alive than ever. Something of what the famous spoke a few days ago, convinced that the great story they managed to build continues to be written, even without the physical presence of his beloved, because he confessed, he feels accompanied by her.

“There are many demonstrations in which loved ones are with us,” said the actor in an interview with the newspaper ‘El Universal’. “A very important part is dreams, it is incredible that when you dream of the person you loved, that you continue to love, but he had to leave here, and I speak not only of her, I speak of my father, hers, of loved people- you dream of it and you live again next to them something that has that spiritual connection ”, he added Humberto Zurita, who was married to Argentina for more than 30 years.


“And that shows you that they never abandon you, neither you to them nor they to you. They are always there, ”he said. The actor assured that his children have also witnessed that connection that has transcended the physical plane. “Today with my children we remember Christian every moment together, especially when we are traveling, she is always with us and manifests herself,” he said.

“It is not only a memory, it is something that I live every day of my life because physically people can die, but spiritually they are always with you, in your heart,” Zurita continued.

“Everything we did together, starting our careers as television actors, where I met Christian, we started our production companies, we decided to get married, we became accomplices, so it’s a life full of sweet, wonderful memories next to her” , ended.

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Kika Edgar spoke of the rumors that relate her to Humberto Zurita