Kim Kardashian admires Salma Hayek since she was young, but it is not for her work as an actress

Today, Kim Kardashian enjoys international fame that ranges from having more than 285 million followers on Instagram to being the founder of an entire clothing and makeup empire.

Regardless of whether she is loved or hated, however, one thing is clear with Kim: the huge impact she had on pop culture, ranging from being the famous one with the most remembered look of the Met Gala 2021 to be a great inspiration for many women. Some even replicate her style and are noted as Kim Kardashian lookalikes.

However, the socialite not only inspires others, but has also been on the other side of the equation. In her youth, Kim found in Salma Hayek a perfect inspiration to feel comfortable with her body and her curves.

Kim Kardashian explained how Salma Hayek impacted her life

In her most recent interview for Vogue, Kim Kardashian explained that when she was young she didn’t really have any role model in the entertainment industry with which she felt represented.

Most of the famous women had a similar physiognomy: they were thin, blonde, tall and white-skinned. A beauty that stood out from Kim’s light brown complexion, dark hair, and curvaceous figure.

However, everything changed for Kim when Salma Hayek ventured into the American entertainment industry and showed how wonderful and beautiful curves can be too.

Since her debut on the red carpets of Hollywood, the Mexican dazzled with her curvaceous figure in multiple fitted dresses.

According to the creator of Skims, the impact Salma had on her life was such that she became her inspiration for the style she wore at her graduation.

“My reference for prom was Salma Hayek. I went to the MAC counter and brought photos of her. It was like I finally had someone to look up to.”

A few years ago, in an interview for ‘LA Weekly’, Kim delved a little deeper into the impact that Salma had on her life and the way in which she could finally feel represented.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t see many women that I felt looked like me or that I felt like I could connect with, until I saw Salma Hayek. To me she was like, ‘wow, okay, we’re not the same nationality, but she represents me and I understand her”.

In this interview, the socialite also accepted that Jennifer Lopez was another celebrity who helped her feel comfortable and confident with her body and curves.

“I’ve never seen anyone with my body type in magazines, so seeing people like Jennifer Lopez and Salma really inspired me and made me feel more comfortable and confident.”

Kim Kardashian is a new beauty benchmark

Today, Kim Kardashian joins Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek and becomes a new benchmark for many women who boast bodies similar to theirs, where curves, dark hair and brown skin are the protagonists.

In this sense, the creative director of the luxury firm Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, considers that Kim Kardashian redefined the standards of female beauty in an unusual way, as she explained to Vogue.

“I think for many, many years, there hasn’t been someone who has redefined the standards of beauty, of female beauty, like Kim has. She did something very similar to what Marilyn Monroe did in her day. She redefined our understanding of what beauty is.”

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Kim Kardashian admires Salma Hayek since she was young, but it is not for her work as an actress