Kim Kardashian files for divorce now!

kim kardashian asked a court to ignore attempts to Ye for slowing down divorce and requested to end their marriage as soon as possible.

Kardashian filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday night saying Ye, who legally changed her name from kanye-weststarted adding conditions for the divorce that would involve changing the couple’s prenuptial agreement and is seeking protections that are unnecessary and based on falsehoods, according to his own recent court filings.

Kardashian said it’s clear Ye is simply trying to put off the divorce and is causing damage by doing so.

“Mr. West, through his actions, has made it clear that he does not accept that the parties’ marital relationship is terminated,” the application filed in court states. “Mr. West has disseminated private communications between the parties and misinformation about parenting and personal family matters on social media, which has caused emotional distress.”

In December, Kardashian asked, as is common in messy divorces, that the court declare her legally single before working out the details of custody of her children and property.

On Wednesday, it said in court papers that Ye had agreed to the move, known in court as a bifurcation, in advance. But on February 16, Ye objected to her in her own files and filed a whole series of new issues.

At first it seemed like there would be a smooth ending to one of the most followed celebrity unions in recent decades. Kardashian, a 41-year-old businesswoman and reality star, and Ye, a 44-year-old rapper and fashion designer, have been married for almost seven years and have four children together.

Kardashian filed for separation a year ago. Two months later, Ye submitted her reply, in which she agreed on all the main points, including guardianship of her children. Neither has spoken publicly about the separation. A prenuptial agreement prevented property disputes.

But in recent months, Ye has lashed out at Kardashian, her family and her boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, on social media. He has also complained that he is not allowed to make important decisions about the upbringing of her children and that he has been excluded from birthday parties and other events for minors.

In a personal statement included in the papers she filed Wednesday, Kardashian said if a judge declares them divorced it could help them move on.

“I deeply desire to be divorced. I’ve asked Kanye to keep our divorce private, but he hasn’t,” Kardashian said. “I think if the court ends our marital status it will help Kanye accept that our marital relationship is over and move on a better path that will help us peacefully co-parent our children.”


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Kim Kardashian files for divorce now!