Kim Kardashian is trying to tell us something and her birthday look is the proof

When it comes to Kim kardashianWe took it for granted that his 41st birthday was not going to be any ordinary one. And the fact is that the businesswoman does everything, absolutely everything, in a big way. Especially in terms of fashion. For such an important occasion, the socialite surrendered to who is being your favorite color lately and she did it through one of her most talked about looks to date. Kim Kardashian knows very well that pink of any shade is one of the strongest trends of this autumn-winter 2021/22 And he’s been suggesting it over and over for several weeks.


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Kim Kardashian and her love for pink through three great looks

The one above was the style that the businesswoman chose yesterday to celebrate her 41st birthday: a full-length jumpsuit, including heels, in fuchsia pink on which she placed an exuberant feather coat a set. The truth is that when Kim Kardashian takes for a trend, she takes it strictly for several weeks in a row. It was exactly what happened when he anticipated his commented look of the MET gala with one very similar days before the big event. And that’s just what he seems to have been doing weeks ago, in which the fuchsia pink starred in most of her outfits.


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One of the common denominators that all these looks have, in addition to the obvious protagonist rose, is that they are from Balenciaga. Since the businesswoman attended the MET gala with its creative director, Demna GvasaliaThey seem to have strengthened ties to such an extent that, to this day, everything she appears with is signed by him. It is, in the same way, this lace jumpsuit, very similar to the one you have chosen to celebrate your birthday. Just like this other one, with dress blazer in pink velvet, pointed shoulders and XL boots type slouchy.


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What is the message of these looks?

When it comes to Kim, anything is possible. In fact, there are already several theories circulating on the web in relation to these latest looks. Some suggest a possible creative collaboration between her and Balenciaga. Now that the reality has closed the curtain and her makeup firm too, the businesswoman (and recently debuted billionaire) has a free hand to unleash her creativity in terms of fashion. Something that he became fond of years ago and that he now carries out from his signing of homewear, Skims. The question is … why pink? We will continue to inform.

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Kim Kardashian is trying to tell us something and her birthday look is the proof