Kristen Stewart announced her marriage to screenwriter Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart marries girlfriend Dylan Meyer after two years of dating

Actress Kristen Stewart, 31, announced that her girlfriend Dylan Meyer proposed to her after two years of dating. “We’re getting married,” the American shared Tuesday on Howard Stern’s radio show on SiriusXM.

Stewart said it was Meyer who made the proposal. “I wanted him to propose to me. It was really beautiful. She did very well. We married. We will definitely do it“Said the protagonist of” Spencer “.

In the same program, in 2019, Stewart had explained that with his partner they had met six years ago, on the set of a movie. After Stewart parted ways with the model Stella maxwell that same year, the romance with Meyer began.

The news of the engagement comes almost exactly two years after the actress told Stern she couldn’t “expect” to propose to the screenwriter, after only three months of relationship.

“I want to be, like, something reasonable about it. I think good things happen fast, ”Stewart shared at the time. “I have a couple of ideas. I am very impulsive. I don’t know when it will be”.

The actress with her girlfriend (@spillzdylz)
The actress with her girlfriend (@spillzdylz)

In an interview last October, while discussing how she juggled her personal life despite world fame, the actress admitted to being “cautious” about her relationships. “I felt like maybe there were things that had hurt the people I’ve been with. Not because I was ashamed to be openly gay, but because I didn’t like to give myself up to the public, somehow.”, He said during an interview with InStyle.

“This was a period of time where I was a bit cautious,” Stewart added. “Even in my previous relationships, which were straight, we did everything we could to not be photographed doing things that didn’t represent us, so I think the added pressure of representing a group of people, of representing queer, was not something. that I understood then. Only now can I see it. “

Stewart's girlfriend works as a screenwriter (@spillzdylz)
Stewart’s girlfriend works as a screenwriter (@spillzdylz)

At the moment he has not given more details of when the big day will be, but, presumably, it will be celebrated next year when the awards campaign ends.

Dylan Meyer is a renowned screenwriter, although she has also made some appearances as an actress. His scripts include films such as “Moxie” (2021), “Loose Ends” (2015) and “XOXO” (2016)While, among her roles as an actress, her participation in films such as “The Death and Return of Superman” and “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” stands out.

Stewart admitted that she knew she loved Meyer from the beginning of their relationship.

According to Kristen, she and Meyer met about nine years ago in a movie, but didn’t become close until six years after that. She showed off on a friend’s birthday and I told her: ‘Where have you been and how have I not met you?’ “, revealed the “Twilight” actress a couple of years ago.

By admitting that she can be “impulsive,” Stewart recounted the first time she confessed her love for Meyer, two weeks after dating. “The first time I told her I loved her it was too late and we were in a shitty bar, and her friends were there or whatever and they left, and I was like, ‘I’m so fucking in love with you, ”she recalled.

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Kristen Stewart announced her marriage to screenwriter Dylan Meyer