‘Lady Di was unfaithful before Prince Charles’: ex-bodyguard

24 years after his death, it seems that Lady di still cannot rest in peace.

To the condemnation that the British network ‘BBC’ made in May about the behavior of the journalist with whom the deceased revealed the intimacy of the royal family, the explosive statement of Allan Peters, one of the men, has just been added in the last hours. who worked as his bodyguard.

According to information from some British media, the subject, during an interview for the documentary series ‘Diana’, of the channel ‘CNN’, would have shared more details about the gruesome private life which, apparently, Diana of Wales and Prince Charles kept during their 15-year marriage.

The most shocking would have to do with the echo of that sentence that the woman gave in the ‘interview of the century’.

According to Peters, the idea that there were “three in the marriage” was true, but not only because of Carlos’ unofficial relationship with Camila from Cornwall, His current wife, but for a betrayal that Lady Di would have also committed.

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The eternal shadow of infidelity in the British Crown

The world remembers the death of Princess Diana

In a way, Lady Di became the first person to tell infidences of the monarchical environment in the United Kingdom.

According to the testimony of Allan Peters, Diana of Wales would have established a relationship with Barry mannakee, one of her closest escorts, in the first years of marriage with the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

“I started to notice that her behavior was unusual every time we were around Mannakee, so I decided to talk to her about it. For the first 20 minutes, she categorically denied it. But then she told me exactly what was going on: she was having a certain kind of relationship with Mannakee “, said Peters, according to the report of the local media ‘The Mirror’.

The rumor of the ‘affair’ with said bodyguard has been around for years as a result of an alleged audio of Lady Di in which she would have referred to the attraction she felt for a man who worked in the circle of the monarchy.

In addition, Mannakee was removed from his duties under circumstances that were not entirely clear.

(What’s more: Lady Di’s surgeon revealed the princess’s last hours).

“The popular idea is that the Prince of Wales had a relationship with Camilla during the entire marriage with Diana, and that was not the case, it is wrong information. The first person to strayed from the path it was the princess. Prince Charles did not see Camilla again until after he found out about Diana’s affair with Mannakee, “said Peters, as reported by the Spanish media ‘ABC’.

The strangest thing about the case is that both Barry Mannakee and Lady Di, the two protagonists of the ‘novel’, passed away more than two decades ago.

Both in traffic accidents.

Even so, in this case, it seems that the story of suspicions will continue to build … despite the fact that neither of the two involved can give their version.

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‘Lady Di was unfaithful before Prince Charles’: ex-bodyguard