Lady Di’s jewelry collection: how they were divided between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

On August 31, 1997, the sad news of the death of Diana Spencer, popularly known as Lady Di, who was the first wife of Prince Charles, was known. When he died, his figure was exalted both socially and in the memory of his loved ones. His legacy continues in his sons William and Harry, who tried to keep their mother present when they got married and did it in a particular way: they gave their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, part of their jewelry.

In principle, the objects that Lady Di knew were left in the hands of her two heirs. They are the ones who decide what will be done with each of the belongings. Some of her most iconic dresses were donated to be displayed in important exhibitions, while her jewels began to be used by new members of the royal family.

Lady Di passed away at the age of 37. AFP PHOTO PATRICK RIVIEREPATRICK RIVIERE – AFP

When Prince William announced his marriage to Kate Middleton in November 2010, the now mother of George, Charlotte and Louis wore an engagement ring after the happy news: it was the sapphire that used to be Diana’s. It is a 12 carat piece with 14 diamonds surrounding the precious stone.

The moment the couple announced their wedding (File Photo)

But, that was not the only relic with great sentimental value that the heir to the British throne decided to give to his wife. Among the list of Kate’s collection are the sapphire earrings that Lady Di received from Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia for her wedding to Carlos. These were modified at Middleton’s request to be pendants.

Kate still wears her ring. (File Photo)

Also, the exclusive pearl and diamond earrings, popularly known as the South Sea, are worn by the daughter-in-law of the deceased princess. In keeping with these small pieces, she received a three-strand pearl bracelet from Nigel Milne and, in the same style, a four-strand pendant.

Among the inheritance received by the 40-year-old woman is one of the most significant in Lady Di’s life: her favorite tiara, which she wore at important events. It is the piece that was named Cambridge Lovers Knot and is made with 19 brilliant diamonds and pearls. This important jewel would have come into the hands of William’s wife, since being married to the heir to the throne, she occupies the same title as Diana.

Lady Di’s tiara (File Photo)

The distribution of the expensive accessories continued. After Meghan Markle joined the royal family in 2018, by marrying Harry. As with Kate, she also received a precious jewel with her mother’s imprint as a gift from her husband.

The last photo production of the couple. (Photo @time)

To announce the engagement, the former actress posed with a yellow gold ring, her favorite color, with an imposing stone from Boswana, Africa. But the detail was that the small diamonds found in the piece were extracted from Diana’s jewelry. The prince assured that he made that decision so that “she is with them on this crazy trip together.”

At the wedding, when posing with her second change of dress, the new member of the royal family showed her total white look in which an aquamarine ring stood out. Indeed, it was the piece that Lady Di had received as a gift from her friend Lucia Flecha de Lima and that the princess used to replace her wedding ring after announcing her separation from Carlos in 1996.

As the months passed, and when attending royal events, Markle wore various jewels that were identified by the press as heritage. The iconic yellow gold butterfly earrings passed into the hands of Harry’s wife. The choices regarding the objects that the protagonist of Suits receives are related to her favorite color.

The jewel was worn by Meghan at her wedding (File Photo)

However, Harry’s wife surprised by posing in October 2020 for the TIME100 Conversations on the State of Our Digital Experiences (TIME) promotion with a wristwatch valued at $24,000. It is an object from the Cartier Tank Francaise firm that belonged to Lady Di.

The donation of jewelery through the generations is a tradition by British royalty. Now, the two wives of the princes have important objects from whoever was the princess of the town and it is estimated that the next heiresses will be their daughters.







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Lady Di’s jewelry collection: how they were divided between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle