Lady Gaga shocks by posing without any clothes for Vogue magazine

Lady Gaga.

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A beautiful and defiant model appears, with blue hair and a sensual evening dress, on the cover of the British edition of the so-called “Fashion Bible”, Vogue.

On the other hand, in the Italian version, another model, much more tender, gazes candidly at the camera clad in a pink hood. However, when reading the titles, the names of both protagonists coincide: Lady Gaga.

And it is that the music star, ready to shine now as a murderous widow in the film House of Gucci, soon to be released this month, seems to be another person in this photo session, according to several users in the networks.

Portrayed by the famous fashion photographer Steven Meisel, who transforms it, in each shooting, into different people and wearing the most exclusive brands of the moment, Gaga, 35 years, gets to be shown without clothes in a sensual interior photography.

“For Gaga’s debut on the cover of Vogue, fashion had to be spectacular and different, but she also wanted to reveal herself more and find art in her nudity, since she wanted to celebrate all the parts that make up her as a human,” said the editor of the British publication, Edward Enninful, regarding this session, which appears simultaneously in both European editions.

However, in the networks the debate arose of the covers, such as the most recent of Madonna, in which the stars do not look like themselves, but literally become other people. And although in this case it does not give the impression that there are plastic surgeries involved, yes there is an abuse of makeup resources and filters and other programs.

“It is nonsense to have a celebrity on the cover and no one recognizes it. The point is that their fans join the audience of the magazine to buy it and show it off in their networks, but if Madonna and Lady Gaga come out and we have to read the bullet to find out that it is them, we can run the risk of going unnoticed.

“However, some fans will have the time to approach and read who it is and maybe they buy it to see the new look of the artist, but I consider these proposals risky, especially when the sale of magazines is not at its best. moment ”, he comments Lucy Lara, expert and author of fashion books.

In addition, these “fake covers”, as some call them, would also have to do with the phenomenon of filters and the alterations that even influencers with few followers are made to capture an elusive audience, and that seem to have been used in abuse in these editions.

I guess it’s a very trend today, to modify the appearance with Photoshop, and celebrities also feel pressure to always stay young and beautiful.

“But the message is ultimately false and not very credible, especially for young audiences, who are not fooled and know how to use these techniques. I think the only one allowed is Cher, who started to ‘photoshop’ herself when Photoshop didn’t exist yet, ”says fashion expert Anna Fusoni.

He adds that there seems to be a contradiction between this trend, that of putting the “perfect” artists and following the traditional canons of beauty, which they have wanted so much in recent times with terms as powerful as inclusion, which has led to other magazines, and Vogue itself, to include women of all types, ages and races in a celebration of what was previously considered “different.”

In the meantime, these pictures of Gaga, considered the master of media reinvention, have been among the most viewed on the networks in recent days.

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Lady Gaga shocks by posing without any clothes for Vogue magazine