Lady Gaga: This is the incredible mansion that Mick Jagger’s daughter bought the singer

Lady Gaga sold his fabulous Hollywood Hills mansion for $ 6.5 million to Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jagger, daughter of Mick jagger, a property formerly owned by composer Frank Zappa, and according to the reports, the sale was made as part of a quiet agreement and outside the real-estate market.

This incredible, and peculiar, residence was acquired by Frank Zappa in the 1970s, supposedly for just $ 75,000; since then and for two decades, until the death of the composer occurred in 1993, Zappa raised his family in this property, which includes a home main room with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as an apartment for the staff who work on site.

In addition there are two houses of guests independent, both with a contemporary style completely different from the architecture of the main house. It should be noted that Gail, the widow of Zappa, continued to live on this site until his death in 2015. In the following summer Zappa’s children sold the property to Lady Gaga at approximately $ 5.3 million. Once the mansion is acquired, Lady Gaga decided to restore this “very special and magical” mansion; “restore it … and also leave it as it is,” he would have declared to Howard Stern.

Gaga made a profit of 1.2 million dollars on the sale of the house

According to the press, the mansion sale agreement would have included the personal soundboard of Frank Zappa from his recording studio, however, it is unknown for sure if Gaga still owns that box resonance or if it has happened to belongs to “Lizzy” Jagger.

The property of Lady Gaga was not offered for sale publicly, reasons for which it is unknown what the renovations were and restorations performed by the “House of Gucci” star. What has transpired is that for the sale of this property he obtained a gain of 1.2 million dollars.

Although it should be noted that any type of improvement you have made Gaga It must have been extremely expensive, since the main house alone is almost 650 square meters. This Mansion It is located on an area of ​​almost two hectares and stands out for being completely adorned and full of flowers and plants. It features a two-story art gallery, porthole windows that were salvaged from old submarines, a greenhouse, a rooftop tennis court and a pool shaded by trees.

This home It is a very intimate and private space, as well as quiet, ideal requirements for a super star stay away from the paparazzi and public riots. When Gaga acquired the property, it included two studies recording and it was in one of them where the singer recorded parts of her album “Chromatica” of 2020.


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Lady Gaga: This is the incredible mansion that Mick Jagger’s daughter bought the singer