Lady Louise, Elizabeth II’s pretty girl, turns 18: her story of overcoming

It is the youngest granddaughter of Elizabeth II, daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, as well as cousin of Prince Harry, Prince William, Eugenia and Beatrice of York. However, Lady Louise has always kept a low profile compared to other prominent members of the royal family. That is how her parents wanted it, who, in order to remove her from the media eye, they decided that it had no royal title.

Despite all this, Lady louise She became the news practically from her birth, not only because she was the granddaughter of the Queen of England, but also because of the harsh circumstances that surrounded her arrival in the world.

This Monday, November 8, it has been 18 years since his mother, Countess of Wessex, had premature labor which was 3 weeks ahead. She suffered a placental abruption, forcing an emergency cesarean section. The consequences were dire for both her and little Lady Louise. The life of prince edward’s wife He was in danger due to the amount of blood he lost. Her daughter’s health also remained very delicate for 3 weeks until on November 23, 2003 Lady Louise was discharged. But the premature delivery left her sequelae. They detected him exotropia, an eye disorder commonly known as strabismus, which conditioned his entire childhood.

Lady Louise, in a recent image. (Reuters / Pool / Toby Melville)

In 2006, when she was only 3 years old, she underwent surgery without success. With 5 years, Louise continued with the same vision problems. But her parents did not throw in the towel and tried again in 2014. Fortunately, this time the operation she underwent worked and today, at 18 years old, Louise no longer suffers the eye problems she had to grow up with.

Her harsh circumstances, coupled with a sweet and shy character, made her entire family turn to her. With 8 years it was possible to see how important the little girl was for all of them. It was when Lady Louise starred in her first stellar moment in a family event followed by everyone, when she acted as Bridesmaid on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. That girl with an angelic face who gave off innocence by greeting everyone while He was accompanying his cousin, Prince Harry, in a horse-drawn carriage, dazzled the entire audience.

An outstanding relationship he has had with his grandparents, Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. For the queen she has been her spoiled child and she has always had special attention to her.

A young Lady Louise, with Prince Harry at the wedding of William and Kate. (EFE / Kerim Okten)

The bond with his grandfather was also very close. They say she was his favorite granddaughter. She was the first of his descendants to bear his surname, Mountbatten-Windsor, when he renounced the royal titles. If he hadn’t, the last name he should have used would have been Windsor. In addition, among their names, there is that of Alicia, the same as the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh.

For Elizabeth II’s husband, these details always held great emotional significance. But another characteristic in Lady Louise’s personality managed to create a very intense bond between grandfather and granddaughter. The young woman inherited a taste for the hobby that Elizabeth II’s husband was most passionate about, such as driving horse-drawn carriages. Together they practiced this sport that today Louise, thanks to her grandfather, masters with great skill. Following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, it was Louise who inherited his horse-drawn carriage and his two Fell ponies.

Although she continues to maintain a discreet position within the royal family, as Lady Louise turns her birthday and grows up, she has garnered more media attention and is seen more regularly at public events.

Queen Elizabeth II, joking with her granddaughter Lady Louise in 2011. (EFE / Steve Parsons)

In September 2020 all eyes turned to her when she decided to join her parents on World Clean Up Day.

The day allowed to see many royals involved in work, helping to clean beaches, as in the case of queen sofia, or streets, like Albert of Monaco and his sons.

Prince Edward flocked to Southsea Beach, in Portsmouth, accompanied by his wife, Sophie de Wessex, and their two children, Lady Louise and Lord James. It was unusual for the two grandchildren of Elizabeth II to be seen in public at an event where their parents attended on behalf of the royal family. The two brothers usually only show up at strictly family meetings or celebrations.

Lady Louise showed how much she had matured. Gone was that shy girl, and this time he wasted sympathy and naturalness both with his family and with journalists.

Lady Louise with her parents and brother on Southsea Beach in Portsmouth. (Reuters / Toby Melville Pool)

Again, she was the focus of attention in July 2021 when she caused quite a stir by attending, as a passionate horse enthusiast, the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The most striking of his appearance at this annual equestrian event, What is it the queen’s favoriteIt was the look he chose, a jacket that inevitably reminded the one that his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, wore in one of his last official photos, the one he wore when he posed with Elizabeth II in 2020, on his 99th birthday.

Lady Louise, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. (Cordon Press)

It seems that the confidence of the queen and the parents of this young woman who He comes of age this November 8 she is already total when it comes to being an exemplary representative of the institution. His exquisite education, as well as his sweet and natural personality, pleases the public and in the Royal House they are clear about it. Perhaps this is the reason why his public appearances are taking place, in recent times, more frequently than normal. The most recent example we have in September, when the BBC broadcast a special program in memory of the deceased duke of edinburgh: ‘Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers’. In the same, Lady Louise starred in a stellar moment when he appeared before the cameras talking about his grandfather. Referring to the sport he plays, driving horse-drawn carriages, he said: “The Duke of Edinburgh was very involved in my journey, which was lovely, but it also scared me a bit because he invented this sport. It is amazing to have learned first-hand from him And it’s definitely something that I think brought us closer together. ”

Lady Louise, during the documentary. (BBC)

Isabel II’s granddaughter remembered with emotion moments she lived with her grandfather and showed the great admiration she always felt for him: “After a competition, she always wondered how I had fared. Her eyes lit up because she got very excited when she talked about When we were going to drive a car, in the first place, he would take me on a different route every day. I don’t know how he did it, but he would tell me all kinds of anecdotes about absolutely everything. Honestly, it is one of the most interesting people I have ever met ”.

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Lady Louise, Elizabeth II’s pretty girl, turns 18: her story of overcoming