Lali Espósito added Leo Messi to her “best friends” on Instagram and apologized for his spicy content

Lali Espósito apologized to Leo Messi for his content in “best friends” (Video: Twitter Real Time Rating)

After the releases of “Discipline” and “Diva”, Lali Esposito is preparing to close this kind of trilogy with “Como tu”, a song that will be released this Thursday afternoon. Thus, the singer is in Spain to promote it and also to film different work commitments.

In an interview with the famous Spanish program the anthill (Antenta 3), the actress of sky red revealed a curious anecdote that has to do with Lionel Messi. It is that while talking about how she handles herself on her social networks, Lali revealed that has added the captain of the Argentine soccer team to his Instagram ‘Best Friends’ list. Likewise, she said she felt ashamed to see that the Paris Saint Germain player once saw some of his exclusive content.

“Something tremendous happened to me: I am exaggerating but for me it was a bit strong. Did you see that on Instagram we have the option of ‘Best friends’ in the stories? You have content that everyone sees and another that the people you choose to see see”, began the singer, who is followed by millions of people on that social network.

Lali Espósito and Leo Messi, best friends on Instagram
Lali Espósito and Leo Messi, best friends on Instagram

“I have ‘Best Friends’ because I have an acid humor and sometimes I fuck with things I say: ‘Among 10 million people I don’t want to offend anyone or for anyone to say, what’s wrong with this crazy woman?‘”, continued Lali with her explanations. “Then I uploaded something bizarre and funny about my life, fucking with a friend. And suddenly I see that Leo Messi had seen it”, finished the actress with her face crossed by a gesture of surprise.

It gave me a little thing to see my social face with my friends, yelling”, Lali said about how he took the fact that Messi sees something more of his privacy. Pablo Motos Burgos, the driver of the cycle, wanted to know if the singer was drunk in the videos. “I wasn’t farting but it seems like I fart all the time”, The Argentine confessed between laughs. At that moment, Lali looked at the camera and took advantage of the arrival of the television program to apologize to the 10 of the National Team: “Leo I swear I’m not like that all the time, I love you”.

Later, he made it clear why he had decided to add Antonela Roccuzzo’s husband to his “Best Friends” list: “I added him because I said: ‘How can I not have my compatriot and number one in the world as best friends?‘”. And once again, he turned to Thiago’s father, Mateo and Ciro: “Leo, if you think I’m not okay: you’re right, but don’t unfollow me”, Lali closed with the umpteenth laugh.

Lali Esposito in her video "Diva"
Lali Esposito in her video “Diva”

Since he released his new song “Discipline”, Lali strongly increased the reproductions of her songs on the different platforms. And, as if that were not enough, for this song she created a challenge for his followers to imitate him. Impressed with the number of videos sent to her daily, the former Almost angels share some of the thousands that come to you. Among them was the Laura Fernandezwho declared himself a great fan of his songs. “With the vacuum cleaner in the background, a pause to clean because #discipline sounded”, wrote the dancer, who these days is replacing Guido Kazka in driving Welcome aboard.


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Lali Espósito added Leo Messi to her “best friends” on Instagram and apologized for his spicy content