Lali Espósito: “Spain has a problem with the consumption of prostitution”

The Argentine artist Lali Espósito, who is currently halfway between filming the third season of “Sky Rojo” and preparing her new album, points out to EFE that “Spain has a problem with the consumption of prostitution, we have to look that”.

“In the series, truths are told that hurt. It is said that Spain is the first country in Europe to consume prostitution and that it is the third in the world. Ostia… it seems to me a painful fact for Spain; and in the series that is said, even if it is fictional. And that the creators have brought this to the table seems spectacular and very brave to me, because normally these topics are usually swept under the carpet, ”she says seriously.

The Netflix series created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez, which makes victims of trafficking and prostitution visible, and which will bring an end to its third season, tells the story of Wendy (Espósito), Coral (Verónica Sánchez) and Carmen, alias “Gina” (Yany Prado), three young women desperately seeking to escape their pimps.

Each one came to the brothel, “Las Novias Club”, for a different reason, but they all ended up tired of being mere merchandise in a place where their feelings, and above all freedom, had no place. “What is shown in the series is a reality, where hundreds of young people, especially Latin Americans and Eastern European countries, are deceived and are restricted from all kinds of freedom,” she adds.

Espósito (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991), during the shooting break of the second season of “Sky Rojo”, flew to his native country to star in the Amazon Prime Video series -which he also produces- “El fin del amor”, a feminist series whose first two episodes are directed by the Spanish Leticia Dolera.

“We wanted her to direct the first few episodes, so we called her from Argentina. At first she was not very convincing since she usually directs what she writes, but when we explained to her what the series was about and we gave her the script, she loved it, so she came to Argentina and we had a great few months. Leticia is the fucking mistress, in many ways”, affirms the artist.

The 10-part series is adapted from a book by a very young philosopher, a former Orthodox Jew named Tamara Tenenbau. “This girl in her adolescence decided to leave religion and begins to be a kind of anthropologist of the world, of sex and of love, she breaks with the concept of romantic love. Imagine how interesting this is from her point of view,” she says.

Meanwhile, Argentina also makes time for music. “Between rest and rest, I try to find a space to continue creating songs”, he points out while confessing that “he needed a little break to rest and search for new sounds”.

“I felt that this constant rhythm of putting out single after single was not suiting me, it really wasn’t making me happy. So I stopped, I went to the studio with my friends to try new rhythms, to try myself vocally and if the song didn’t come out nothing would happen, at least I had a good time. And I think this is a process that should be like this, because before I used to take records very seriously”, she confesses.

The result of this break and daily effort is the publication of the songs “Disciplina”, “Diva” or “Como tú”, three projects where the artist returns to show the best version of herself. “I am very happy with the final product, it still has my essence, but mixed with something new”, she clarifies.

While shooting the series, he advances that he is working on what will be his new record project: “The songs will be in the style of those presented, with the fusion of nineties airs and that 2000 house that fascinates me. They are songs to have a good time and that connect with dance and expression”, she details.

Likewise, he says that the album will be presented in the middle of the year and that it will have “a lot of Madrid, a lot of Buenos Aires and also self-referential things”.

This story was originally published on February 28, 2022 8:58 a.m.

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Lali Espósito: “Spain has a problem with the consumption of prostitution”