Lali Esposito’s special greeting to Tini Stoessel that surprised her fans

Lali Espósito's gesture with Tini Stoessel demonstrates once again the good vibes between them
Lali Espósito’s gesture with Tini Stoessel demonstrates once again the good vibes between them

It’s not another birthday for Tini Stoessel. Everything indicated that this Monday, the day the singer reached the age of 25, she was going to be celebrating it on the stage of the Hippodrome of Palermo. However, the sudden hospitalization of her father, Alexander, changed plans and today his priority is to accompany him. It is that the 64-year-old producer has been in the La Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermo since the beginning of March, after being admitted with severe abdominal pain. For this reason, the former Violetta is not very active on her social networks, although today she made an exception and posted a post in which he is grateful to continue being by his side. “The best birthday present is you, dad. That you are here, with us”were some of the words that the artist wrote.

The truth is that, despite being focused on her family and away from the media, the interpreter of Strawberry Greetings from her colleagues and fans keep coming to her on this very special day for her. Undoubtedly, the one that stood out the most was Lali Esposito, with whom many times she wanted to confront her publicly. However, the two always made it clear that they had very good vibes. And in the last hours, the former Almost angels He proved it again. “Happy birthday Tini Stoessel”Esposito wrote in a story of Instagram where he shows a postcard in which both appear embracing.

Lali's birthday greeting to Tini
Lali’s birthday greeting to Tini

The “rivalry” between them was created by their followers. It all started in 2013, when Tini began a courtship with Peter Lanzani, ex of Lali. And despite the fact that at that time the protagonist of sky red was already in another relationship, comparisons were inevitable. As if that were not enough, they have very similar careers, since they emerged as actresses and then turned more towards music, with a similar pop style.

But in 2018 they decided to put an end to the speculation about their alleged enmity and, during a press conference prior to the “Únicos” festival, of which both were part of the Teatro Colón, they merged into a strong hug. “We have no choice but to enjoy with Tini and ignore the gilada, as we say in the neighborhood,” Lali had assured on that occasion. And her colleague agreed: “I think the same. It’s great to be sharing the stage with her and to be here.” “We got married in November”, the interpreter of “Discipline”.

Meanwhile, in one interview he had given to teleshow In November, Stoessel had referred to the possibility of collaborating together: “We get along super well, sometimes they keep asking me about it and it’s like… We have a good bond, we write to each other privately. The time hasn’t come yet, but we’re really looking forward to it, we never got to coincide completely, but it’s going to happen because we both want to get together. Beyond music, to get together to talk about life and obviously I think it will be super beautiful to be able to share something with her”, he had commented. And he had assured: “I think she is an incredible artist on stage, very hard-working, with things very clear, unwrapped, with an angel…. I also grew up with her and saw her on stage, I saw her and I see her shine. She is a person whom I greatly admire for the strength of her in all aspects.”


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Lali Esposito’s special greeting to Tini Stoessel that surprised her fans