Latest and surprising setback in the Britney Spears case: the singer now accuses her mother

The controversy is still very present in the life of Britney Spears. After months of legal struggle to end the legal guardianship of her father, who has controlled the singer’s life and finances for thirteen years, and who has succeeded after he will submit his formal resignation to a Los Angeles court and a judge will remove him, the singer now accuses her mother, Lynne Spears, of being accomplice and instigator of the legal guardianship exercised by her father, Jamie Spears.

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Pop princess points to his mother as guilty of the guardianship exercised by his father in a message that he shared with his followers but which he regretted and did not take long to erase. In it he said: “I have realized that I have not smiled in a long time and my mother worries saying ‘you are acting strange, what is wrong with you?”, She begins before starting to launch a list of reproaches to her mother. Britney assures that she feels like new and attacks Lynne: “Before it was a family business, but not anymore. Today I was born because I can smile, so thank you for getting out of my life and allowing me to live it. “

The interpreter of Ops, I did it again accuses straight to Lynne from being behind the entire lattice. “My father started guardianship 13 years ago, but What people don’t know is that my mother is the one who gave them the idea. I will never get those years back she secretly ruined my life and yes I will point her and Lou Taylor for it. “Lou Taylor went the official spokesperson for the Spears family for many, many years and accuses both her and her mother of bothThey knew perfectly well what was happening and they have spoiled it for all these years. “My father was not smart enough to think of legal guardianshipbut tonight I will focus on knowing that I have a new life ahead of me “, ends your message.


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The reason for Britney’s anger could be because his mother now demands a very large amount of money that has been spent to help your daughter break free from parental control. According to court documents obtained by the magazine People, Lynne asks for a total of 560,000 euros that were used to help her daughter Britney “to break free from a very controlling existence.” Likewise, the documents indicate that the artist “enthusiastically agreed” to her mother to help her with legal guardianship and Lynne reached an agreement with the lawyers in which it was agreed that the efforts made on her behalf and the fees included would be paid. while working for his daughter.

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Latest and surprising setback in the Britney Spears case: the singer now accuses her mother