Laura Acuña revealed the secrets to preserve her figure, including the foods that do not enter her diet

Laura Acuna is one of the most recognized television presenters in the country, at 39 years old, this bumanguesa left the RCN Channel, where she worked most of her 15 years of professional career, and now he is in Caracol presenting the singing contest for the elderly ‘La Voz Senior’.

In addition, Acuña has her own celebrity interview program called ‘La Sala de Laura Acuña’ in which she usually visits the homes of the interviewees and addresses different topics from their personal and professional lives.

In addition to her talent for being in front of cameras and warming viewers, The presenter is also recognized by Colombians because of her beauty, which is why many of his followers, especially female audiences, often ask him for beauty advice on social media. Of the male public, women are the center of flattery and compliments.

In fact, the success of the bumanguesa presenting ‘La Voz Kids’ and ‘La Voz Senior’ in her new workplace have made the woman once again be before the largest number of Colombian viewers and, therefore, It was the cover of the most recent edition of the magazine Aló. Posing on the beaches of Punta Cana in a white one-piece swimsuit, the bumanguesa revealed some of her secrets to preserve her figure.

Laura Acuña is one of those women who, on social networks, usually call ‘blessed and lucky’, because your figure is not given thanks to a strict diet or exercise routines. To the entertainment magazine, the presenter revealed that, really, everything is due to “genetics.”

“I’ve always said it, My genetics help me. I’ve been skinny all my life“This is how the presenter began her response. As she has said on other occasions, Acuña pointed out that she does not have a healthy life and that, in fact, currently you are trying to improve your habits.

The bumanguesa has been the enemy of gyms, although she has already left their money to several as a New Year’s resolution, but obtaining the habit has been a challenge that she still cannot meet, as she pointed out in one of her interviews with Caro Soto in his own program ‘La Sala de Laura Acuña’.

He told the magazine that his life still “lacks everything to be healthy”, because “healthy living is a purpose that I challenged myself to fulfill December 31st”. This is why during this year she has tried to eat healthier and confessed that this has not been so difficult for her.

Acuña has cut out some foods from her lifestyle and added some beverages to her breakfasts, lunches, and meals. “There are things that are obvious in my regular diet: red meat, cold cuts, alcohol, dairy … I don’t ‘stay up late’ on bread and I don’t like sodas”, Explained the presenter.

Through his Instagram account, he shared with his almost four million followers a sensual photo, the cover of Aló magazine. In the image you can see that she wears a white swimsuit with a wide neckline that goes to the beginning of her abdomen. In addition, in the caption, he thanked the company for its 15-year history behind the screen.

“Thank you for accompanying me during these 15 years … Thank God for never abandoning me”, The model wrote in the request for the publication that, how could it be otherwise, it went viral on this platform, receiving almost 20 thousand ‘likes’ and more than 260 comments, many of them admiring its beauty.


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Laura Acuña revealed the secrets to preserve her figure, including the foods that do not enter her diet