Laura Bozzo did not attend the wedding of her daughter Victoria de la Fuente for this reason

Laura Bozzo was the great absentee in her daughter's marriage. (Photo: Composition)
Laura Bozzo was the great absentee in her daughter’s marriage. (Photo: Composition)

This November 10, Victoria de la Fuente, eldest daughter of the Peruvian presenter Laura bozzo, married Adam Ayers in Santa Barbara, California. His mother was the great absentee from the intimate event. What happened?

In a recent interview with People en Español magazine, Victoria de la Fuente shared details of her wedding with the technology manager, who has worked with renowned artists such as Kanye West or Paris Hilton.

According to the first-born daughter of the so-called ‘Advocate for the poor’, the initial idea was to have a great party; However, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 made her change her mind.

“Everything was for the civilian, we went one weekend to Santa Bárbara to see places; We found a hotel that had many gardens and we love flowers and gardens. Adam brings me flowers every week, the house is always full of flowers. It was ‘we can get married here in the garden’. We got married in the garden. It was at the hotel where Jackie Kennedy made her honeymoon, in the 60 ″, said Laura Bozzo’s daughter.

It should be noted that Victoria de la Fuente got married after announcing that she was pregnant in October 2021, precisely when Laura bozzo he fled justice and Interpol struggled to find his whereabouts.


Laura Bozzo’s daughter was consulted about the absence of her mother in her marriage. As is known, the driver has kept a low profile since a judge ordered the temporary suspension of your arrest warrant.

About, Victoria indicated that Laura Bozzo did not go to the wedding because she and her now husband wanted an event just for them, so only the witnesses and their dog Frida were present.

“There they have a little house from 1800 that we rented and there we had a super intimate dinner with two of our best friends; who were the witnesses. One of them made the dress for me, took the photos; it was the whole homemade package ”, Victoria detailed.

However, Victoria hopes to later share an anniversary event or other important date with her mother and other family members.

“Marriage was always something we wanted to do just the two of us. To suddenly have a party or an anniversary where we are going to invite the family and hopefully my mother, my sister, his family can be there “, Victoria said.

Finally, the fashion entrepreneur hopes that her mother’s legal situation will improve soon. “It has been difficult. As for what my mother is going through, I faithfully believe in the Mexican authorities and I think they have a very good legal team and my mother too, and I am sure that soon she will be able to clarify all that situation “he added.


Laura Bozzo is accused of committing a tax crime that prowls the 13 million pesos; that is to say, almost 60 thousand dollars. This crime is known in tax jargon as an unfaithful depositary, since it would not have been generating these payments that the Mexican authorities require.

This occurs after the Peruvian presenter decided to sell a property that was seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT). When selling this property, in the bank account of Laura Bozzo, he entered about 13 million pesos illegally, so his penalty would reach between 3 and 9 years in prison.


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Laura Bozzo did not attend the wedding of her daughter Victoria de la Fuente for this reason