Laura Bozzo makes Niurka cry in “The House of the Famous”. look at the reason

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For several years, the relationship between the vedette Niurka Marcos and the driver Laura Bozzo it’s quite complicated Well, on several occasions their different points of view have confronted them on social networks and before cameras.

The enmity became more evident after the Peruvian described Irina Baeva as “brainless” for her relationship with Gabriel Soto, to which Niurka Marcos He reacted and called her “ugly”, told her that he was very envious for not having the same attributes as the Russian.

The two celebrities caused a stir by revealing that they would meet in the second season of “The House of the Famous” And although everything indicated that there would be a clash due to the strong personalities of both, what happened was the opposite, even Niurka approached her and hugged her on her arrival at the house.

Although “the scandal woman” was friendly to Laura at all times, the controversial presenter repeatedly expressed her desire to leave the program because she felt that all the members were against her.

But the story took an unexpected turn, in one of the most recent broadcasts of Telemundo’s “reality show”.the Peruvian surprised everyone by apologizing to ex-wife of producer Juan Osorio in front of all his peers.

“I want to apologize, I think it’s okay. I have experienced many bullying problems and I think I am always on the defensive. My attitude today was very rude to Niurka and I think it’s not worth it because these days she has tried to get along with me“, started.

Laura reflected on her behavior during the first days of the program and after admitting that it was not the most appropriate, Niurka Marcos broke down in tears. “What I did has no name, I want to apologize really”.

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“I do not usually apologize publicly like this, but I think that each of the inhabitants of this house deserves that I explain my totally hysterical attitude, my bad player attitudebecause we are here to play and it is not fair for me to discharge myself against a person who has been very good to me like Niurka, “he said.

Bozzo confessed that although he has always loved Niurka, the constant confrontation in which the media puts them has influenced me to make the wrong decisions: “the burden that many times they have put against me is such that I reacted in an immature, egotistical way and if I have to leave, I I will go, but she has nothing to do with this.”

Niurkabefore all the cameras I ask you to excuse me because you did not deserve such a thing, On the contrary, you have been very good to me, please excuse me, ”he concluded his apology speech to applause from the members of the house.

After Niurka and Laura hugged each other and between jokes, the Cuban said that she shed tears because she will no longer have anyone to fight with. “I’m just crying about who I was going to have fun with,” she said ironically, and Laura replied with a laugh: “What a fucking daughter.”

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Laura Bozzo makes Niurka cry in “The House of the Famous”. look at the reason