Laura Bozzo on the lawsuit she lost to Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva: “I will not pay them a penny”

The television presenter will appeal the ruling in the case against the Mexican actors. (Photo: Instagram / Capture)
The television presenter will appeal the ruling in the case against the Mexican actors. (Photo: Instagram / Capture)

Laura bozzo he does not stop being in the middle of the press with his controversial statements. After being released from the arrest warrant against her, the television presenter ruled on the sentence that gave the reason to Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva.

While the Peruvian was a fugitive from justice, the legal process she was leading against the Mexican actors ended last October. A judge found Bozzo guilty of the crimes of defamation, discrimination and non-pecuniary damage.

In this sentence, the TV host would have to pay a large sum of money to the artists; however, Laura announced that she will take the necessary steps to pay absolutely nothing.

“I don’t have to pay a single peso to the man (Gabriel Soto)But, anyway, if Irina is bothered by my opinion on the El gordo y la flaca program about what I considered that she did not represent me as a woman, I am sorry, I am sorry and I apologize ”, expressed in an interview for TVyNovelas.

He also confessed that he is a very fan of actress Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel Soto’s ex-partner, and for that reason he attacked the Russian.

I’m a Geraldine fan. The anger I had with her was because of what happened with Geraldine, I must say, I am a fan of Geraldine and many women like me shared that feeling. I hope (Gabriel and Irina) are very happy, God bless them “, the Peruvian sentenced.

Photos: Instagram / @gabrielsoto / @ laurabozzo_of / @irinabaeva
Photos: Instagram / @gabrielsoto / @ laurabozzo_of / @irinabaeva

During the interview, Laura confessed that for her the demand has not been lost. In addition, he pointed out that what he wants most is to complete all the legal proceedings against him in order to live in peace.

“No, there was an appeal. Look, what I want is to end all the processes; for the love of God, I want peace, I’m going to be a grandmother and I’m supposed to be a normal being. My life has to be different “, concluded.

Recall that the actor shared on his social networks that he had won the case against Laura Bozzo and was grateful to the justice of Mexico.


After hearing their statements, the actor’s lawyer, Gustavo Herrera, did not hesitate to pronounce himself and assured that Laura Bozzo would pay compensation anyway.

I want the right of reply to answer the inconsistencies that the lady is saying; as soon as the judge fixes the economic sentence, he will have to pay it and I will seize what he can, and they will see that he will pay “, he emphasized.

The Peruvian presenter has told several local media in the Mexican country that Gabriel Soto has not won the lawsuit and that he will only offer a public apology to Irina. Therefore, the lawyer described Bozzo as arrogant and was confident that the sentence will not change.

“It seems that his pride has not been taken away after what he lived; according to what he had already become very humble. I have a statement that he made on television where he acknowledges the mistake he made against Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva “, he indicated.


On November 22, the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo reappeared on her social networks to communicate that she was notified of the definitive suspension of his arrest warrant for the crime of tax fraud.

Through his Twitter account, Bozzo assured that the payment requested for the suspension of the arrest warrant was made, so the court ended the process.

“Today we were notified of the definitive suspension of my arrest warrant for having complied with the requirements imposed by the judge, I went to court and the request was paid, very grateful to Dr. Diego Ruiz Duran and his team”he wrote on the platform.

(Photo: Twitter / laurabozzo)
(Photo: Twitter / laurabozzo)


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Laura Bozzo on the lawsuit she lost to Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva: “I will not pay them a penny”