Laura Bozzo “puts her hands in the fire” for Galilea Montijo and defends her after being linked to the narco

Several famous people have shown their support for Galilea Montijo, who was recently devastated after the writer Anabel Hernández linked her with the drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva, alias ‘El Barbas’, in her recent book ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’. Now it is Laura Bozzo who joins the list of good wishes for the presenter.

The Peruvian lawyer said that her friend has forged her career based on effort and is sure that she does not have no connection with members of the organized crimeHe even said “put your hands in the fire” for her.

Laura Bozzo defends Galilea Montijo

“Please, if there is a person for whom I put my hands on the fire and that I know with my heart because, I had a problem with Galilea and that is why I know his noble and good heart, a person who came out of the ground and broke his back to get to where he is, “he told the media, including ‘First-hand’.

Bozzo regretted that they involve the host of Hoy in such unpleasant topics.

“Don’t even mention such a thing to me because I know her, I put my hands to the fire for her, I know perfectly well that she had nothing to do and it’s a shame that an artist as important as her is hurting her so much. “

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Eric del Castillo’s advice

On December 2, Eric del Castillo issued his opinion on the case of Galilea Montijo, which reminded him of what they experienced in 2016 when his family was investigated for the encounter that Kate del Castillo had with ‘El Chapo’. The actor recommended ‘Gali’ to leave Mexico.

“There is nothing left but to endure ‘bara’, because there is no other, or at least to leave the country. We thought for a moment to leave because we were very harassed by the government, we had a one-year audit of the house, “he told the Hoy día program.

Laura bozzo dismissed the advice of Don Eric and suggested to her friend that she not leave.

“I was seeing Eric del Castillo, I am his number one fan and I love him, he recommended Galilea leave the country, Are you crazy? If nothing happens here, here there is a freedom, there is democracy “, he said to ‘From first hand’.

He gave as an example his problems with the treasury, which are due to mismanagement of his accountant.

“Here I have problems because my accountant got me into a mess with triple taxation, if you take out the account, he is charging me more than what I earned in a year, that it is not tax evasion, and I’m already clearing it up. “

She reiterated that her friend should not leave Mexico, just as she did not at the time either: “I don’t have to leave the country, I do not believe in that“he added.

Laura Bozzo in search of projects

Despite her legal situation, which she said “is already clarifying” with the authorities, the Peruvian has held several work meetings to return to television, one of them her bioseries.

“I’m fine, looking at projects, everything calm, really wanting to go on the air again and I hope everything goes well, you can’t imagine what I’ve been through.”

“Part of the story is 17 years and in the house arrest everything that I went through with Cristian Zuárez, he obviously will participate in that part, in those 17 years, who is going to produce it? It depends, we do not know, there are three proposals“, he said to ‘From first hand’.

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Laura Bozzo “puts her hands in the fire” for Galilea Montijo and defends her after being linked to the narco