Laura Bozzo touches herself and Mayeli Alonso is responsible for “The House of Celebrities 2”

Miss Laura Bozzo is putting aside his serious personality and he touches himself in front of the cameras The House of the Famous twothe controversial driver of Peruvian origin he is learning very well from his partner Mayeli Alonsoformer of Lupillo Riverawho is teaching him to dance very sexy.

Mayeli Alonso She is a great teacher, because with great grace, she is teaching her partner Laura Bozzo, who already he touches and caresses his body with some skill a few days after entering the study of The House of the Famous 2, the network’s reality show Telemundo.

beyond what was expected, Laura Bozzo She has been seen very close and respectful with all her colleagues, even enjoying her stay in The House of the Famous and dancing beautifully at the first theme party of this second edition. same in which planted a kiss on him in the mouth, to the colt during a fun dinner. Let us remember that he is the well-known and sexy ex-participant of Acapulco Shorewho takes more than 30 years.

He has also been seen conversing very affectionately with a Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Riosformer of Shakira, of whom by the way already spoke. He himself is being affected with his health and this could put him in a not very good position during the competition of Telemundo.

For its part, Mayeli Alonso gave details of the relationship from lupillo Rivera with Belinda, a situation that seems not to have been overcome after all the time that has elapsed. It was even mentioned Christian Nodal.

So much, Laura Bozzo What Mayeli Alonso seek to carve out a special place in the hearts of reality show viewers The House of Celebrities 2 to be able to advance and fulfill the ambitious objective of winning the feat that the Venezuelan has already accomplished Alicia Machado. Same as arrived showing dental floss to inaugurate the transmission of this second edition of the stellar and multiplatform program of the chain Telemundo.

It is already a fact that Laura Bozzo and Mayeli Alonso they are tied with 3 points on the nominees panel. The other candidates to leave the competition are Osvaldo Rios, Nacho Casano, Tony Costa Y John Vidal.

Laura BozzoWhen he found out, he exploded and had a run-in Niurka Marcos, who actually nominated her. So did Oswaldo Ríos and Lewis. There is no doubt that the thermometer will continue to rise, since several participants have already taken pains to serve up the controversy. The one that premiered in that area was Niurka Marcos. She herself commented in front of all her classmates that she he had eaten Osvaldo Ríos, events like this will continue to happen as the competition progresses. We will wait together for next Thursday, the day on which we will discover the first eliminated from The House of the Famous 2.

Video taken from Instagram account @escandalo_o

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Laura Bozzo touches herself and Mayeli Alonso is responsible for “The House of Celebrities 2”