Laura M. Flores gives birth to a second child

It’s here! Laura M. Flores she has given birth and couldn’t be happier. The influencer and her boyfriend, chef Benji Aparicio, have increased the family by welcoming their second child, whom have decided to call Benjamin, like his father. “I am very excited and especially him, who was very excited about the name and also has to decide,” said Mar Flores’ niece in one of her last public appearances. Fate has wanted the little one to come into the world on the same day that his grandfather turned 65, and the collaborator found out live during the broadcast of Save me. “I have seen my grandson, who is just like his brother and I am happy. It was a gift, I wanted him to be born the same day as me,” said Kiko Matamoros with tears in her eyes, also sharing that the delivery was less heavy than the other time. The date has also coincided with the birthday of Martín, the son of María Pombo, a great friend of the new mother.

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Laura has fulfilled her wish to be a mother again, since just as he confessed to HELLO!.It is a dream that I have always had since I was little: to form a family full of love and children running around me. Finding Benji was the best thing that could happen to me. He gives me so much love … And now these children … I really can’t ask for more“, she said excitedly.

From the beginning, Mar Flores’ niece has not stopped a single day, although in the final stretch she was already more upset. “I can not anymore. I have a pain in the lumbar and in the coccyx that I want to die. And besides, I must have a lack of iron because lately I am exhausted, “she explained recently in her personal profile, even going so far as to say that she was” going to cry from pain. “Despite everything, Laura has fulfilled many commitments in her schedule in which has been accompanied by other friends influencers and, in addition, it has remained very active thanks to his eldest son, Matías, who is now three years old. A few hours before the birth of her little one was known, Kiko Matamoros’ daughter told her followers that she had started the process and asked them to wish her luck.

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Laura it went out of accounts on December 27, as Kiko Matamoros advanced in a recent interview with Europa Press, and he was especially excited that it coincided with his birthday. “It is scheduled for the day of my birth. But hey, you know how these things are. You never know when the babies will arrive, “said the contributor to Save me, like crazy to see the face of his grandson.


The baby arrives at a very special time for the Aparicio-Matamoros family. A few weeks ago, the couple moved to a new two-story house in Aravaca, on the outskirts of Madrid, and they couldn’t be happier with the change. “Although a move is always moments of stress, I must admit that this has been ten. I have already had two moves in two different pregnancies and this, without a doubt, has been the best“said the influencer to his followers at the doors of their new home. In fact, she has proudly shared several images in which she shows some of her favorite corners, where you can see the decoration they have chosen, the furniture …

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Happier than ever

Laura and Benji started dating in 2016 and two years later, on May 2, 2018, they became parents for the first time. The happiness for their fatherhood was not enough to continue together and, eight months after the birth of Mati, they separated. It was at the end of 2019 when they reconciled, until in April they ended their relationship again. HELLO! exclusively featured Laura and Benji’s breakup, who had been trying to overcome a relationship crisis for some time. Rumors of the possible separation haunted Mar Flores’ niece for several months and it was he who made the decision to break up. Laura’s environment then assured that it was “shattered” and “totally broken” because, for her, the end of her relationship with her son’s father had been a very hard blow. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Laura discovered that she was expecting her second child with Benji as she was about to enter her second month of pregnancy.

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The news served so that the couple once again overcome their differences and give themselves a new opportunity. This time, the chef and the influencer They are living a new stage with great enthusiasm, especially for the arrival of their second baby. “When the panthedemic began, Benji and I were very clear that it was the perfect moment to give Matías a brother, and so we did. We found out about a small impasse in the relationship and now we are both very excited about his arrival, although the one who cannot wait any longer is Matías, every morning he asks me how many days until his brother is born, “he told us.

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Laura M. Flores gives birth to a second child