Laura Rodríguez reveals details of the consequences that the paralysis has left her: “There are things I would like to do normally”

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Laura Rodríguez, renowned actress for her participation in productions such as ‘Sincere Love’ and ‘Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta’, announced last September that she suffers from Bell’s palsy, which has affected half of her face.

She has constantly shared with her 830,000 followers on Instagram the progress of her process and other moments where she appears smiling, a sign that her recovery is on the right track. In addition to that, in the ‘InstaStories’ section he recently published a ‘selfie’ accompanied by a message where he points out that after a long time, he had gone out at night, a fact that he considers a great advance. In addition, he revealed the effects that this condition has left him.

“Long ago I did not go out at night. For those who ask me what consequences I have at this time, or the messages that they send me about ‘to you, everything happened to you, on the other hand I do have sequels’, here I tell you: my eyes are very irritated and yesterday I could not put on the gel that I use because I was wearing makeup and I wanted to test how I was doing, ” Rodriguez pointed out. Additionally, he narrated what was happening to him as the night progressed, implying that he still continues with discomfort from the paralysis.

“After eight o’clock -at night- I got a problem and around 10 o’clock my eyes burned a lot”, explaining in passing that it is a normal effect due to the lack of lubrication, especially in the eye that is in the area affected by paralysis. In addition, he described that during the process he has felt “jartas” things, such as pain and burning, as well as the fact of not being able to expose himself for a long time to the night wind.

Finishing the message, the artist expressed that that area of ​​the face and that for this reason, relaxing massages should be performed. “I’m still in the process”, he stressed.

Although the story no longer appears on her Instagram profile, it was rescued and reposted by various entertainment profiles such as ‘Tracking celebrities’, generating dozens of comments of support for the actress.

“Poor thing, today being healthy is a privilege”; “Courage woman, you are a berraca”; “It gave me facial paralysis and I had sequels, I have one eye a little more closed to the naked eye, they have to detail a lot for them to notice it but in photos it does show me full”; and “You are beautiful on the outside and inside … cheer up” were some of the outstanding responses.

This is how he has fought facial paralysis

Through this same platform, the woman shared several weeks ago that she was one month old after having known that pathology.

“Based on what I have done since day one, clarifying that I am not a medical authority, I want to share here what has worked for me (…) do not wait for your health entity to authorize therapies, do them yourself from the first day of diagnosis. Constantly lubricate the eye that you cannot close. Lower stress, rest for the first few days and avoid foods that are inflammatory: dairy, red meat, flours ”, explained.

In the same way, he mentioned that among his treatment, the hot and cold therapy that he did constantly during the first moments after the diagnosis also stands out. Finally, he highlighted that facial massages have had a high degree of effectiveness; in fact, this activity is currently carried out and has shared on several occasions the way in which it is carried out.


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Laura Rodríguez reveals details of the consequences that the paralysis has left her: “There are things I would like to do normally”