Laura Zapata is clear when and how her relationship with Thalía will end (and if she is her real mother)

Laura Zapata knows that in the not too distant future, his cordial and close relationship with Thalia it could be completely different.

Of the four half-sisters she has (Ernestina, Gabriela, Federica and Thalía Sodi), Tommy Mottola’s wife she is the only one with whom he has close communication.

He has had a lawsuit with the others for years and when asked about them, he prefers not to speak. On several occasions he has said that he wants nothing to do with them.

Laura Zapata believes that her good relationship with Thalía will end

“Probably when my grandmother leaves, when my grandmother is no longer on this plane, probably that relationship is broken foreverLaura Zapata declared in advance of an interview that the actress gave to Inés Moreno’s YouTube channel.

“I think the relationship is for my grandmother“He added. In fact, the cordiality between the two of them is recent. In 2018 they publicly met again on Mrs. Eva Mange’s birthday after years of not speaking to each other. Since then, their ties have been respectful.

Laura Zapata, who is in charge of her grandmother’s care, has maintained that the only one of the Sodi sisters who is looking after the woman is Thalía.

The singer usually calls her, helps with expenses and has come to travel from New York to Mexico to be with her on important dates such as her birthdays.

In fact, when her grandmother turned 104 last January, Laura Zapata told the media that Thalía called her and asked to sing ‘Las Mañanitas’ for Doña Eva over the phone.

What happened between the Sodi sisters and Laura Zapata?

Laura Zapata is the daughter of Yolanda Miranda Mange and Guillermo Zapata Pérez de UtreraHowever, the actress credits her upbringing to her grandmother Eva Mange, hence the close bond she has with her.

Later, Doña Yolanda Mange married Ernesto Sodi Pallares, with whom she had her other four daughters.

Life was strong enough in that houseBesides, he was a person who didn’t love me. My mom married him when I was three years old. She let me know, feel, everything, “said Laura Zapata in an interview in ‘The minute that changed my destiny’ in 2018.

I lived with my grandmother and was very happy with heralthough as divided, because my body was with my grandmother, but the thought was ‘hey, well my mother, I have a mother and my little sisters’ because they were my little sisters, I adored them”.

But the real breaking point came after the kidnapping that Ernestina Sodi and Laura Zapata suffered in 2000 in Mexico. The actress was deprived of her liberty for 10 days and her sister was released five days later.

According to reports from the Mexican press, those responsible were five members of the criminal group ‘Los Tiras’.

In 2011, Laura Zapata and the Sodi sisters were seen together at the funeral of their mother, Doña Yolanda Mange. It was the last time they all agreed publicly.

When the Mexican press has tried to talk to Ernestina or Gabriela Sodi about the conflict with her half-sister, they do not give an answer.

Laura Zapata, is Thalía’s real mother?

For some years the rumor has circulated among public opinion that Laura Zapata is actually Thalía’s mother, 50 years old.

In the preview presented by Inés Moreno of the interview she did with the actress, she questions this version and Laura Zapata’s reaction is forceful.


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Laura Zapata is clear when and how her relationship with Thalía will end (and if she is her real mother)