Learn about the fortune of the participants of La Casa de los Famosos


Learn about the fortune of some of the participants of La Casa de Los Famosos

The last edition of The house of the famous It had the participation of 16 contestants, all of them disputed the prize of 200 thousand dollars, but only one could win this amount. The former beauty queen Alicia Machado was the one that got the first place in the competition, although it seemed like a fortune, and some of the participants had many zeros in the bank, but you knew Who are the contestants with the greatest fortune?

1. Alicia Machado Find out how much his fortune is!

Since the Venezuelan was crowned Miss Universe 1996, she has not stopped working, with more than 20 years of artistic career, the beautiful actress has a net worth, of lean well, four million dollars. Which he has been building since the beginning of his career. Alicia has starred in several soap operas, series and released some record plates.

The Venezuelan participated in La Casa de los Famosos, of which she was the winner, receiving much applause, and also the repudiation of their peers. Let us remember that this has not been the only program of this style that the Venezuelan has participated, since in 2005 she was in La Granja de los Famosos, which was broadcast on the Spanish channel Antena 3 and in which the actress’s scandals were not lacking either. .

2.Gabriela Spanic the eternal Usurper

The actress Gabriela Spanic is recognized worldwide for playing the famous sisters Paola Bracho and Paulina Martínez in the 1998 telenovela, La Usurpadora, from that time until today. The beautiful artist has added many prizes and awards to her career, with more than 30 years in show business The Venezuelan has a net worth of 20 million dollars, according to Idol Net Worth.

Currently Spanic will be participating in the new Televisa telenovela Corazón Guerrero, sharing the cast with the animator Alexandra Espinoza which will debut as the protagonist in said melodrama.

3. Pablo Montero also has a lot of money

Another participant who did not need to take the juicy sum of money from La Casa de los Famosos was Paul Montero, according to the portal gdatamart.com published that the singer has approximately a total of 7 million dollars. Montero has also accumulated this sum starting in show business from a very young age having an excellent career as a singer and actor.

4. Christian de la Campa is not far behind

The actor and model Christian de la Campa has a fortune of approximately 1 million dollars as revealed by the All Famous Birthday portal, the famous Mexican began his career as a model and then as an actor participating in famous soap operas such as “Land of Kings”, “Santa Diabla” and “Vino el Amor.” Now he is a sexy heartthrob of melodramas and also of social networks.

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Learn about the fortune of the participants of La Casa de los Famosos