Learn why Allisson Lozz decided to change her name

After having triumphed in various Mexican soap operas, the actress , who now lives away from cameras and recording sets, decided to change her name so that people cannot recognize her. This shows that, currently, fame is not something that catches your attention.

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Allisson Marián Lozano Nunez is the real name of the actress who called herself Allison lozz and that he participated in soap operas such as “In the name of love”, “To the devil with the handsome ones”, “Alegrijes y rebujos”, “Rebelde”, among others.

It was in 2002 when Allisson lozz He began his career as an artist and one of his first appearances on television was on the reality show Code FAMA. This program was dedicated to attracting children’s talents. But it was in 2003 when the public was able to see his first role in the youth telenovela “Alegrijes y rebujos”.

This was the beginning of his long career in the world of soap operas, but it was in 2010 when he decided to move away from the artistic world to dedicate himself to his family. He also joined the Jehovah’s Witness community.

Allison Lozz is a mother living in the United States (Photo: Allison Lozz / IMDB)
Allison Lozz is a mother living in the United States (Photo: Allison Lozz / IMDB)


Away from soap operas and with a new life next to her family, she remembered her Allisson lozz he no longer enjoys fame.

Therefore, he decided to change his name and no longer be Allisson lozz. Currently, he calls himself Allisson Gutierrez. Although it is not known since when she made this decision, it is known that she married Eliu gutierrez in 2011, according to information from .

Allisson Lozz is currently away from acting.
Allisson Lozz is currently away from acting.


The power of social networks is very great and it was through this digital platform that the actress answered some of the questions asked by Instagram users. Some questions were regarding the change he decided to make to his last name.

(Lozz) is the last name I was born with from my father, but in Mexico and the United States it is used a lot that when you get married you use your husband’s last name and the truth to avoid being recognized in many places I preferred to adopt it itself for everything and I love it”, He expressed.

I am Allisson Gutiérrez and I abbreviate it GTZ because when I met my husband since we were friends that is how he abbreviated it and I like it”He added.

But one of the big reasons she changed her last name was so people won’t ask for photos when they see her.

I don’t like being asked for photos because when I go out I’m with my girls, it’s a family moment, so those moments are cut, those literal moments that are super valuable to me (…) When I’m working, she did take photos of me; for example when I’m at Mary Kay and all that I take pictures with people who are in the business, but when I’m spending time with my family, I don’t. The Bible says that there is time for everything and that time is with my family and for my family, so I don’t take a picture with anyone and I don’t like it “, bounded according to .


After moving away from the world of acting and joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the former actress enjoys spending time with her children and is also an entrepreneur selling Mary Kay cosmetics.

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Learn why Allisson Lozz decided to change her name