Leonorilda Ochoa, the Mexican actress who lost everything after hiding that she suffered from Alzheimer’s

In 2016 he took with him one of the most loved in the industry. She is Leonorilda Ochoa, who participated in many soap operas and series in her country. Many remember her for her role as ‘Pecas’ in the 70’s series, “Los Beverly Peralvillo”. Here we tell you how the artist hid for several years that she suffered from Alzheimer’s, a disease that ultimately made her lose everything.

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Leonorilda was part of Mexican productions for many years. He is remembered above all for his participation in soap operas “To reach a star” and “I live for Elena”, Starring the consecrated Victoria Ruffo. Precisely, a year before starting to shoot this latest drama, the actress was found to be suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease that until now has no cure.

The news of his death was confirmed by his son, Sergio Ochoa to the Notimex agency: “My mother left, she is already resting. He died at 4:25 in the morning this Sunday due to respiratory arrest. We had her in the hospital for days because some details got worse. We did the best we could, but today we couldn’t do any more “.

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Until 2002, Leonorilda Ochoa had no problems doing her work as an actress and was able to avoid the ravages of Alzheimer’s in her first years of being diagnosed. His last production, without setbacks, was “So are they”.

However, by 2004, the problems of the disease began to appear. When he was part of the telenovela “Ruby”Where she shared roles with Barbara Mori and Eduardo Santamarina, the actress began to show symptoms that prevented her from developing her role normally.

Despite all the inconveniences she had had with the “Rubí” recordings, the soap opera producer, José Alberto Castro, decided to take her to his next project in 2006, which was about “Postal Code”. Then Ochoa had some roles in “From Gayola” and “Woman, real life cases”.

After her work in these productions and with the complications that we mentioned, Leonorilda was never hired again to work as an actress. The shortage of work caused his health to start to wear out more than it was due to the illness he suffered.

Leonorilda Ochoa in “Rubí” (Photo: Televisa)


Seven years before her death, the actress was taken to a nursing home to better treat her illness. This was revealed by her daughter in 2009, who also said that her mother had been diagnosed with this disease for a long time.

With Leonorilda inside this place, her children began a legal battle that also affected the actress’s health. Sergio Ochoa He accused his sister of having taken advantage of her mother’s condition to profit and thus sign some papers to be able to have control of some assets.

The actress finally died at the age of 77 from pneumonia. According to what her children confess, she passed away on May 22, 2016 very calm and in her bed.

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Leonorilda Ochoa, the Mexican actress who lost everything after hiding that she suffered from Alzheimer’s