Let’s do it! The funny occurrence of Miguel, the son of Ana Boyer, to enjoy the weekend

With two and a half years, Miguel, the eldest son of Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer, delights everyone around you. Thanks to his antics and his constant desire to play and his enthusiasm for discovering the world, he surprises his loved ones every day, who cannot help but smile when they witness his new occurrences. We have seen him build your own safari with animals and cars standing in line, imitating his dad with racket in hand and helping him in training, looking for crabs during a vacation at sea … But now the nephew of the Marchioness of Griñón has found a new entertainment: making the family car perfect for use along this bridge.

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“To leave the car clean for the weekend”, said Ana Boyer when recording her child very concentrated on the new task that he has decided to undertake. The little boy, wearing sneakers, gray pants and a red sweatshirt, appears with a yellow hose in his hands, struggling to make the vehicle shiny. Very nice, grip the tube with both hands to gain more strength and keep moving your arms up and down and from left to right so that the water cleans the entire surface of the car, which is located at the garage doors of the family home in which they are installed.

Currently, both Ana and Fernando and their children are at the home of Isabel Preysler, who is “delighted” to have them around because “being a grandmother is wonderful” and her seven grandchildren are the biggest surprise that life has given her. In an exceptional report from ¡HOLA! because of his 70th birthday He said that Miguel and Mateo fill every corner of the house with joy and it is a gift to be able to spend so much time with them. “Mateo is a precious child and very good. Miguel is also very good at feelings, but he has reached the “terrible two” before his time and does not stop for a minute still. He is not jealous of his brother because, as he is still very young and he has all the attention, well, for now, he is delighted with the baby. He really likes his brother. He wants to give him a bottle, he kisses him … “, she explained to us proudly.

Fernando Verdasco’s new challenge

Verdasco’s professional commitments make the family’s trips constant. In fact, when his first-born was only a few months old, he had already visited different points on the map such as New York, Rome, Paris, Doha … The tennis player has the unconditional support of his inner circle, which has shown itself very happy before his last challenge direct the next edition of the Davis Cup Finals, thus taking over from Albert Costa. “I am very excited to join the Kosmos team for this edition of the Davis Cup Finals and to play the role of tournament director for the first time. Davis is special for all players: you play as a team and compete defending your country. This new format will bring together, one more year, the 18 best teams in the world. It will be an honor for me to contribute my experience and work with the entire team so that players, federations and fans have a great experience and take home great memories of the tournament and of Madrid “, he said about this sporting event that will begin at the end of November .

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Let’s do it! The funny occurrence of Miguel, the son of Ana Boyer, to enjoy the weekend