Life Isabelle, the daughter of Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, turns 8 months old and her parents dedicate messages of love

The daughter of raphy pina Y Natti Natasha He turned 8 months old. Life Isabelle, name of the little girl, has received hundreds of messages of love 8 months after her arrival in this world. His parents have been the first to express love on this day and have done so through posts on Instagram.

“This beauty came into the world to solidify a great family love. Additional came to fall in love with the networks and the ti @ s who love the children. They told me don’t teach your children that they can do something to you, they were right, they love them madly and that makes me happier. 8 months of tenderness 8 months of happiness 8 months that flew by so I enjoy it and I will continue fighting to continue doing it! Say hello to @queenvidaisabelle who is walking right now. #Vidaisabelle Thank you Natalia for this blessing from God, your best creation”, music industry entrepreneur Raphy Pina wrote alongside a photo gallery of Vida Isabelle.

Also, in the comments of the post, the little girl’s mother wrote a message for Raphy Pina about her daughter: “Our best project, our blessing, congratulations, beautiful daddy, I love you”, Told him.

These are some of the comments left for the family on this special day for them:

“Ahhh 8 months of Life, beauty. She has an uncle on the other side of the world.”

“THE PRINCESS!! Happy 8 months we love you enormously.

“I love Vidita, with her tenderness she falls in love and gives life, from Paraguay I send a thousand blessings to the whole family.”

“Congratulations God I continued blessings”.

Vida Isabelle’s parents constantly share messages of love on Instagram and Raphy is the one who shows the most details of the day to day and the moments they share with the family.

A few days ago, the entrepreneur of the music industry He sent a beautiful message to Natti Natasha because she traveled to Los Angeles to perform at a concert and he had to stay home.

“This domi girl is performing today at Calibash in Los Angeles. I want everyone to comment on her and wish her the best in the world, and know that YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE, you have loyal fans around the world. Dad is taking care of the baby and they will not be present physically but spiritually. You are unique Natti and I am not only speaking artistically, it is in every way, you are a person who lives happily, gratefully and without evil for anyone. Enjoy your work that you love so much that tomorrow you will be back. Life and the others who love you are waiting for you. Break Baby! WE LOVE YOU”, Raphy Pina told him on that occasion.

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Life Isabelle, the daughter of Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, turns 8 months old and her parents dedicate messages of love