Like a barbie in a maxi dress, “La Chule” leaves you speechless

Aracely Arambula, wears a tight black dress that marked her small waist and with which “chihuahuan“showed what was beyond a large skirt.

The singer, Aracely Arambula, tried once more because the nickname “The Chule“It is more than good for her, it was a tight black dress that highlighted the charms of the actress who wasted elegance by wearing a part of gloves to match the garment and blonde hair worthy of a commercial.

The also famous 46-year-old, Aracely Arambula, who began his career in Televisa productions such as “Dreamers“(1998) where he obtained his first youthful leading role, he reappeared in one of the snapshots that circulate on a fan page dedicated to one of the most beloved celebrities of the show and social networks.

The actress of stories such as “Las Vías del Amor” (2002), “Alma rebelde” (1999), “Abrazame muy fuerte”, among many others, Aracely Arámbula Jaques, has 5.8 million subscribers on Instagram.



Aracely Arámbula adjusts the micro waist and opens her black dress. Photo: Capture

Also, the star star of stories like “The Doña“,” La Patrona “and some episodes of the series” El Señor de los Cielos “in the middle of his past collaboration with Telemundo, featured in an Instagram photo with a tight black dress that left everyone more than captivated.

With a design that exposed the shoulders and neck, the Televisa actress, she revealed a garment that she showed when she flirtatiously opened her skirt.

Arámbula Jaques, who will appear as a presenter in programs such as “MasterChef Latino“Long live the family! … Every baby, and” Woman, real life cases “, among many other melodramas, also wore a wide belt which gave greater emphasis to the area around her waist.

A large skirt and matching micro shorts showed the legs of the imposing interpreter of “Altagracia Sandoval placeholder image“which made her the target of praise and praise across the platform.

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Today the collaborator of the play “Why do men love cab ***?” She let her beautiful blonde mane loose and added the key accessory pair with a pair of dark gloves with a large gold trim that ran down the star’s arm and wrist.

The presenter of “MasterChef Latino“, who has also collaborated in various programs, always manages to attract attention, both for her beauty and for her controversial love life.

Although Arámbula Jaques has always been distinguished for being one of the few celebrities who lead their personal life with total discretion, Luis Miguel’s series would place the “ex of Luis Miguel” in the White.

Before the premiere of the third and final season of Netflix fiction, it was Aracely who expressed her opinion.

The interpreter of songs like “Bad news“He made clear his position regarding the recent episodes presented, as well as the decision not to appear in them.

It is made clear that the ‘rights of the personality’ and the ‘right to one’s own image’, with all that this implies, must be enforced, read in the first lines of her message, making it clear that she, the decision not to appear in the singer’s biography.

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Like a barbie in a maxi dress, “La Chule” leaves you speechless