LIKE A BUCKET OF ‘COLD WATER’. Weeks away from announcing their wedding, are they running out of love? Francisca answers about her ‘divorce’ with the father of her baby (VIDEO)

  • Does he cancel his long-awaited wedding with Francesco?
  • Francisca Lachapel alarms answering a question
  • Could it be that 8 months after becoming a mother, she already couldn’t stand her marriage?

Trouble in paradise? Francisca Lachapel a few weeks ago talked about her divorce with her ex, Rocky Lachapel, but now she is questioned about what is happening with her husband Currently, Francesco, eight months after they both became parents, is the marriage of the host of Despierta América being affected and she no longer hid it?

Through a dynamic of questions and answers with her fans, the host of Despierta América was in contact with her followers, but a question caught the attention of Francisca Lachapel who could not ignore talking about her “divorce” from her current partner. , the father of his baby.

Francisca Lachapel fails 8 months after being a mother? Did her marriage not stand anymore?

Are you canceling the wedding?
Instagram: Francesca

A few weeks ago, the former beauty queen, told her friend Ana Patricia Gámez, that she was very excited about her marriage to Francesco Zampogna, nuptials before the Church, because since 2020 they secretly married civilly and then gave it to meet, but are they going to separate?

In that chat between friends, it was striking that the host of Despierta América accepted that since she became Gennaro’s mother, there have not been easy days for them as a couple, since practically the attention falls on the little one, for that reason, ¿ did the problems between the couple begin?

Divorced? Francisca Lachapel accepts problems in her marriage

Francisca Lachapel divorces

After Francisca Lachapel was relieved and was learning the art of being the mother of baby Gennaro, she commented that it has been a complicated process with her husband because naturally he no longer gives him as much attention as before, but thanks to the fact that he is very understanding and there is communication, things work fine:

“With a baby like this, the priority is the baby in what we adapt to because he and I are learning to be parents too, because he and I maintain communication but the romantic part is left a little aside for many reasons, you don’t you want them to put a hand on you, especially when you have so many extra pounds and you are working with your hormones and adapting to everything, that part does change, like taking care of him as before, “he said.

They ask her if she is divorcing her husband Francesco Zampogna

They ask the driver of Despierta América

Through a dynamic that she carried out on her Instagram account, Francisca Lachapel talked about several topics that interest her followers, but there was a question that caught her attention because she was directly questioned if it was true about her divorce with her husband. Francesco Zampogna.

The reaction of the host of Despierta América drew a lot of attention, because since she was relieved she has shared family moments, although really everything revolves around her baby, causing the relationship between her partner and her husband to be affected. which gave rise to speculation.

“I did not understand that question,” says Francisca Lachapel of her divorce

Could it be that it did not hold?

Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zamogna, of Italian origin, were married in December 2020, but only civilly and it is assumed that due to the pandemic, the religious bond that would originally be in Italy had to be postponed to 2022 and now it would be in the Dominican Republic, but does the couple cancel the wedding definitively?

“Is it true about Francesco’s divorce?”, the host of Despierta América is heard saying and she responds very confused and with her finger in her mouth “I didn’t understand that question”, as if implying that there are no grounds for that kind of speculation for now.

The host of Despierta América suffers the consequences

Francisca Lachapel divorces her husband?

But once putting that question aside, Francisca Lachapel answered about the consequences she has had since she became a mother, the main one being hair loss: “Those were one of the things I suffered, my hair fell out, In fact, hair is coming out here now, but the entire front part fell out postpartum, my teeth loosened… a little bit of everything happened to me,” she said.

And she also specified that when she was pregnant she thought that the process was going to be different but it was not as she imagined: “Like being super active, sharing everything… the reality has been different, this is what I do now (lying down and sleeping)” , specified in a video where it could be seen before having Gennaro.

Are you going to get pregnant again? Francisca Lachapel rejects divorce and responds

The driver of Despierta América is questioned

Far from having problems that lead to divorce from her husband, Francisca Lachapel said that she is already anticipating her next pregnancy, just 8 months after the arrival of her baby Gennaro, however, she confessed to her followers that she still does not have a date when it will happen, although he does think about it:

“I don’t know exactly when, but I’m going to confess to you, that I’m crazy about the second…” Francisca Lachapel said very animated and happy and dismisses any possibility of problems with her husband Francesco Zampogan who by the way is dying to be a dad again and neither more nor less than twins.

Is the wedding date defined?

The couple would marry this year; Francisca Lachapel divorce Wake up America

Francisca Lachapel will marry her civil husband Francesco Zampogna in the church and said that the religious wedding was canceled due to the pandemic and she had planned something like a fairy tale in Italy, but it will finally happen in her native Dominican Republic and says that the two they are very happy about the plans.

“Sometimes I get nervous when I think about the date, dresses and so on, more than nervous like butterflies because I am very excited… I am very excited because what more proof of love than our own child there? It is very nice to have him there to see us getting married,” said Francisca Lachapel through tears. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHEN FRANCISCA LACHAPEL RESPONDS TO HER ALLEGED DIVORCE.

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LIKE A BUCKET OF ‘COLD WATER’. Weeks away from announcing their wedding, are they running out of love? Francisca answers about her ‘divorce’ with the father of her baby (VIDEO)