Like a true Queen! The shocking images of the Duchess of Cambridge for her 40th birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge more regal than ever. Kate middleton turns 40 this sunday and as usual, he has shared new photos. But this time the images chosen to commemorate the anniversary are far from the ones we are used to seeing, especially the first one. CIn a flowing dress with long hair blowing in the wind, she poses in profile in a portrait that could well appear to be of a historic empress. Signed by Paolo Roversi, it is the first of three portraits that will be part of the permanent collection of the British museum, National Portrait Gallery, of which Prince William’s wife is the patron.

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In two of the portraits they have shared through the official account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she wears romantic flowing dresses by Alexander McQueen, the same signature she opted for a decade ago for her wedding to Prince William at Westminster Abbey. . The Chiffon looks are born from sustainability as they are created from fabric scraps from other collections and complement them with very significant jewels. The pearl and diamond earrings belonged to her mother-in-law, Diana of Wales. In her right hand, she also wears a pearl bracelet that could also be from the remembered Princess.

The third image with which they commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Duchess of Cambridge was, like the other two, made last November at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, southwest of London. However, it does not follow the inspiration of the 19th century like the previous ones. On this occasion, the mother of Princes George, Charlotte and Louis, who studied Art History at Saint Andrews University And she is passionate about photography, posing with her hair in the wind and spectacular with an asymmetrical red dress and puffed sleeves that the same designer returns to sign. In addition, she wears earrings provided by Isabel II. All portraits will be exhibited in Berkshire, St Andrews and Anglesey, as part of the exhibition Coming Home. From 2023 they will be in the National Portrait Gallery, Pinacoteca that is currently closed for a remodeling process.

According to HELLO !, the Duchess of Cambridge is “delighted” with this photo session while Paolo Roversi feels more than satisfied with the result and with the exceptional model. “I was touched by her warm and friendly welcome and haunted by the sparkle in her eyes that reflected the love of her soul and her smile. showing the generosity of his heart. It was a rich and deep experience for me and an unforgettable moment. I have met a wonderful person, a person who, with his positive energy, can bring hope to the whole world “, said the Italian photographer.

Kate Middleton’s beautiful stage

Although the images are surprising, a few days ago it also caused a sensation the photograph chosen by Prince William and Kate Middleton to congratulate the new year. Completely different from these, but just as impressive. It was an unpublished photo of the day they attended the premiere of the latest film by James bond, in which both were wasted glamor and a lot of happiness.


No details have emerged about how the Duchess will celebrate this round figure that she has reached, but taking into account her customs, as well as the health situation, it is to be expected that it will be discreet, as is usual in her. She usually spends her birthdays surrounded by her family and her closest friends.s at his Anmer Hall country house, where he likes to get away on weekends and on vacation. There the couple and their children enjoy nature, unaware of prying eyes, and it is a perfect place for these times of pandemic. In fact, during the months of confinement they chose this residence in which, in addition to continuing with their telematic agenda, they made plans with their little ones how to prepare cooking recipes.

Kate Middleton blows out 40 candles at an unbeatable time, whenor many see it as ‘the jewel in the crown’ of the British monarchy. The wife of Prince Guillermo has not done that to gain points and to add popularity, while the scandals surrounded other members like Prince Andrew, or the Dukes of Sussex. The departure of Prince Harry and his wife has left a gap in the institutional agenda that he has managed to fill perfectly and, despite the fact that it has been more than a decade since she became Duchess, it does not cease to amaze. Good proof of this is the Christmas concert he organized at Westminster Abbey when he appeared accompanying the piano singer Tom Walker.

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Like a true Queen! The shocking images of the Duchess of Cambridge for her 40th birthday