Like a whole bride without her dress, Rihanna paralyzes the network

The beauty of Rihanna It is something difficult to deny and she knows it, that is why she usually reiterates how beautiful she is with photographs that paralyze social networks all the time, as is the case with this image.

The beautiful Robyn Rihanna Fenty She decided that a wedding was a good theme for her photographs, but there are many things around a wedding and one of our favorite singers chose an aspect that will also be the favorite of many: the wedding night.

Like a whole bride, without her dress, the beautiful Rihanna posed for the mischievous lens that captured her beauty most delightfully. The singer originally from Barbados, she put aside her wedding dress and showed herself only with what goes underneath and intended to surprise the groom; However, in these circumstances the couple became his millions of fans.

The beauty Bad riri She posed like a professional, looking down and very concentrated on a purple sofa, which matched the shadows on her eyelids, outside of that, white predominated in Rihanna’s accessories and outfit.


Rihanna paralyzes the network like a whole bride without her dress. Photo: AP.

The businesswoman chose for the occasion a beautiful interior set of various pieces in white, with a lot of lace, garter belt and translucent leggings that gave it a unique touch. The outfit of this beautiful woman greatly highlighted her curvy figure and her beauty, the pose she performed, almost completely in profile, overflowed the hearts of Internet users.

The photograph liked her followers so much that it was taken to be shared on a fan account of the Umbrella interpreter on Instragram; Rihanna looks really beautiful in the picture.

Rihanna currently has her followers a bit sad for having retired from music; However, she is very active on her social networks and in the world of entertainment, so she has not been missed, showing her love for her audience at all times.

This beautiful woman who obtained enormous world fame thanks to the support of great stars such as Jay Z, Beyoncé’s husband, in the world of music, decided that her path would be another and leaned towards feminine products.

It is not a secret that Rihanna it has had enormous success in the world of cosmetics and that great stars and friends use its brand in their day to day; but in addition, the star has also shone in the world of design.

Fenty, this is how Riri has named her line of interiors for women that has caused a great impact in the market, especially for the festival that performs in the purest Victoria Scret style with huge stars parading and playing at the event.

The catwalk becomes a whole party thanks to Rihanna and even, with much anticipation, the promotionals of what would be the catwalk and the music begin; attracting thousands of people to the event. Rihanna discovered that there is another way besides music and she liked it, even so, we hope for her return one day.

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Like a whole bride without her dress, Rihanna paralyzes the network